Pew Research:"88% of JWs read scripture outside of religious services at least once a week" ...Highest of all religions

by Wild_Thing 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • punkofnice

    the NWT. Does it even count as a bible?

  • dozy

    Very few JWs that I knew read the bible as such - generally it was in conjunction with the Societies publications. I remember once being in a meeting where a circuit overseer asked for a show of hands from anyone in the congregation who had read the bible from Genesis to Revelation - only a couple of people put their hands up ( from a congregation of 120. )

    It's a bit of an odd survey when you start digging down into the data.

    For example , apparently 38% of JWs don't believe in heaven. 5% put their marital status as unmarried , but living with a partner ( which likely would interest the local elders! )

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