World War 3

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  • pistolpete

    The threat of mass extinction with only a few survivors scrounging around for food, shelter and water is very real. It's true that Russia's nuclear weaponry is outdated, but there are several studies that have shown that all it takes it ONE OUTDATED NUKE, to detonate and it will forever change that County's ability to nurture it's inhabitants.

    The thing that most never take into account is the radiation fallout that can be dispersed by the wind for hundreds even thousands of miles and causing havoc to both humans and animals-------and water supply and food.

    It immediately bars anyone from going in to help anyone. And all medical personal will be protected like precious Gold and they will not allow any medical personal to enter the area at the risk of losing them. In other words, every human in the location of radiation fallout is doomed to get no help, and can only expect a slow agonizing death.

    Here is a simple example.

  • redvip2000
    However, I don't think WW3 will last very long. Our technology is such that even IF Putin was crazy enough to launch, drones plus a good nuclear defense shield would probably shoot down anything he sent up.

    Won't last very long, true, but there is nothing positive with a nuclear war. If you live in North America, or Europe including Russia, you are dead.

    Russia has the most nuclear warheads in the world. No country will ever launch only one nuclear missile on another nuclear power, that would be stupid. If Russia attacks the US or France, or UK, they will launch everything they have on those countries at once. All those nuclear warheads would obliterate those countries. The US would respond and obliterate Russia. I live in the NY area, so no chance of surviving, that would be one of the first targets.

    If you live in Asia, or South American, or Africa or Australia or some island out there, you would probably be fine, but life would drastically change.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It'd put it at 50-50 as to whether Putin presses the big red button.

    Putin rules by fear and force.

    He invaded Ukraine rather lightly at first, and mainly spared civilians in combat areas. He was hoping that the fear of an invading army would make the Ukrainians wave the white flag.

    This didn't work, the Ukrainians have fought back and dug in. So now Putin is bombing indiscriminately, rolling in thermobaric weapons and a 40-mile convoy of tanks. He's now using force, because the initial attempt at using fear didn't work.

    Putin has spoken about putting his nuclear weapons into 'combat mode'. He's also said that if the West impedes his military operations, they'll see something they've never seen in their history. This is a clear warning/threat, and an attempt at using fear.

    Disturbingly, our politicians have so far dismissed this.

    The longer our politicians cock a deaf 'un, the more Putin will consider the other option.

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