Encouraging the nasty angels of our nature

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  • Simon

    Normally, I delete 'meta comments' (esp. those complaints about likes) but I disliked your comment. It's simply unhelpful and unpleasant trying to point-score when people have died and especially silly when there are no details yet about what the motivation for it was.

  • _Morpheus
    Morph deleted.
  • Searril

    Say what you may about Obama's progressive policies, he was a man that was articulate, diplomatic, professional. Something Trump will never be, but for some strange reason the supporters don't care about civility and diplomacy.

    I remember when Obama shot off at the mouth saying cops acted stupidly, spurring on more irrational hatred of police, only to find out later that he should've taken the time to read the facts before opening his mouth. I don't recall him ever apologizing, unless you call the "beer summit" an apology.

  • Searril

    I don't live in the US and you may be right as you live closer than me but can I have the proof please?

    Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general, refused to prosecute black panthers in PA standing at polling places scaring away white voters. Google it. I'm sure the articles can still be found.

    Just imagine if that had been a white supremacist group and black voters.

    Obama spent two decades of his life attending Jeremiah Wright's church where he railed on and on about how evil white people are. LOL. Imagine if the races had been reversed.

    There is absolutely zero doubt that Obama and Holder were racists.

  • hybridous
    Obama spent two decades of his life attending Jeremiah Wright's church where he railed on and on about how evil white people are.

    And when questioned about it, said he never heard Wright's racially divisive message.

    Went to the church for 20 years. Never heard it.

    Very credible. Yes a paragon of virtue. The drone-striked Arab children agree.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Good discussion on this subject. I feel talk radio shows which have sprung up everywhere, pod casts and left and right news aka Fox and MSMBC. Give us one sided information. Or shows that bring up a problem real or not then come up with a solution in a matter of seconds. The problem is it makes the masses lazy in thinking for themselves and depends on what they hear instead of doing research for themselves or the show stir up emtions to cloud people's thinking. Not once have I ever heard we need to understand why the other side thinks or acts this way instead they stand on their side of the line and sling mud at each other. No one seems to listen to one another anymore. This is one thing I try to instill with my new found friends who for the most part on both sides of the line.

    What's funny most have the same fears and concerns. The us against them mentality runs deep in today's politics. I sometime feel the Borg had it right when teaching political nueutrality. But then again that does not bring any solutions either. Still Totally ADD

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