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  • Lostandfound

    Just random questions for the book Questions Old People Ask

    When can I stop donating my last penny every month to the WT?

    When can I have sex with no guilty conscience due to WT teachings?

    When can I make my own decisions, I am 72 now and feel ready to ?

    When can I have a lie in on Sunday, since WT closed local KH The one, we all built and paid for, nearest meeting is now miles away and means getting up even earlier?

    When can we stop paying for our KH, we had no debts, when, ever, in the New Order?

    What happened to the New Order, New World Society, Bible Students, where did they go?

    When can my mind stop flip-flopping teaching, type and anti. Type, just about learned them All and now gone, generation... need help as have no idea what this is and cannot raise subject as I am bound to be wrong. Actually, conversations with other JWs now have no comments on our beliefs as they change so often. Am I still of the anointed or am I one of faithful slave class or just one of the cleaners at KH.

    When is it safe to take ear plugs out, not in world, but at meetings?

    Am I old enough to go to College yet, getting tired of Window Cleaning.

    When can I have more than one person (me) at my house without it being a rave?

    At elders meetings, When can I stop listening to my music on earphone and join in with the other drunks

    My first wrist watch, still wear it, cost £5, after a lifetime of service when do I collect and from where, my Rolex, like all the big boys wear?

    When do I get all my wasted years back?

    Is it OK to have children yet, seem to remember we were told not to long ago?

    Then again , is it OK to get married yet, or should I wait for the new order?

    I worry, that my lifetimes experience of winDow Cleaning will be no use in the Paradise, should I learn something else? Toilet cleaning?

    Then again, so many lost opportunities, lost joy, companionship, family etc, am I best just still doing what the GB says, fromthe side of their mouths, is GB3 just around the corner, will The Helpers sort this all out or are the pigs flying again outside my window. they have been a wonderful sight over the years ....leading me on by the hook in my nose, promises, promises, all sounds wonderful but my eye getting dim, how long now to 1975 please? Someone ?.....Anyone ?.......Hello... anyone there?..

  • Onager

    Old People Ask: Are those my feet?

  • Simon

    Should TV volume ever be set at less than 90% power?

    How much sherry is too much?

    Where can todays older-christians find those child-eating bears?

    Which form do I use to stiff my kids and leave all my money to the WTS?

  • Heaven

    The answer to many of your questions is "Soon" followed by "Pray More + Wait on Jehovah".

  • Iamallcool

    Heaven, your answers makes me want to vomit!

  • Heaven

    Iamallcool said: Heaven, your answers makes me want to vomit!

    Iamallcool... that is a good sign.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the good news is your 3 score and ten is now overspent--so its the resurrection queue for you.

    the even better news is you can now leave everything to the society. you might even get a thankyou email from them.

  • tepidpoultry

    I'm tired where did everybody go?


  • Lostandfound

    And another one

    If I Will everything to the WT will they pay for my funeral , hang on two nice elders helped me write my Will but my son ripped my pen away as I was about to sign it and swore like a trooper, only person I knew who could do that was his mother and she keeps tellingng me to walk downstairs and not use the stairlift, she getting forgetful, stairs littered with washing but make it somehow.

    She helped me settle down in an armchair with my favourite cushion, she really getting forgetful, cushions are to sit on not breathe through. Got a Bank Statement and it appeared to show no money, son said he had helpfully moved it to his account so he could be sure WT eventually got it, wonderful thoughtful lad.

    Door seems to be locked and my keys do not work and I noticed the friendly elders ringing doorbell but apparently batteries out for a service, more thoughtful children. Landline phone does not work now and I never used a smartphone, son said he would make all calls for me, good lad.

    My medicine for month brought by my son, ignorant doctor never told me he was changing it and lots of tablets now that make me sleepy, son saved me a trip out so thanks.

    Really good that when I felt quite bad my son went to the doctors rather than ring him from here. Apparently doctor says not to worry so that's good.

    In my slumbers I think I see figures all removing all my various valuable porcelain collection, Lladro, apparently it being moved to stop me falling over it, odd really as it all on high shelves but son knows best.

    My wife brought me a cup of tea in bed and oddly my son asked me to test my old favourite fountain pen, he worried that unused it might dry up. He had a piece of,paper and just asked me to sign it at the bottom and after just my signature he said, "Oh good, that worked, as he smiled at his mother" he wiped pen away and said he would look,after it.

    Woke up in a new room, quite crowded in here , about 1444,000 of us here , no organisation, someonesaid we should sort ourselves into twelve tribes or something. No sign of family, no food and quite cold, apparently boss will,address us tomorrow, whenever that is.

  • steve2

    Good OP!

    Other questions old people could ask include:

    • When will I just grow up and think for myself?
    • Why have I been in this organization for decades and kept swallowing the superficial line about how close the end is?
    • Why do I need to be told who I should shun and not question it?
    • Why does the Governing Body allow wickedness among the brothers?
    • If Satan is behind me, can he also be in front?
    • Why does JW org shorten Matthew 24:14 on its homepage, leaving out the most pertinent part: "...and then the end will come"? (i.e., "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth.")
    • Why can't the Governing Body underline the correct answers for the Watchtower Study to doubly ensure brothers won't stray from the correct answers?
    • Why does jw organization ignore the Biblical instruction for elders to take care of widows and orphans?

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