Why does the USA ignore the terror of Israel?

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  • back2dafront

    http://www.devo.com/mideastlog/ They shoot children, don't they? [Iraq] - Ben Granby - ben@devo.com @ 18:33:41 Though much has happened in the past few days, Im pressed for time as Im about to leave Gaza for the West Bank, and likely to home a little after that.

    But I have to write about something I witnessed for about an hour and a half today. Im sure it got scant if any news coverage in the US, even though it was one of the sickest things Ive ever seen (and videotaped).

    After returning from a second trip to Rafah, I prodded David to head to Beir Lahia. I wasn't sure what we would see there, but the other day the Israelis had taken over large stretches of farmland and began bulldozing agricultural areas. They claimed they were staying put to dissuade any Qassem rocket attacks. On par, the Israelis are being excessive. The rockets have yet to kill anyone and have done minimal damage. In exchange, the Israelis are ruining the lives and livelihoods of dozens.

    I figured that by visiting one of the locations the IDF was stationed at, I might just get some decent photographs of tanks up close. We approached from a road from where we could see some of the northern Gaza Israeli colonies. Their large facroties and pre-fab houses stuck out like sore thumbs in the distance. The cab slowed as it approached a makeshift barrier with a Palestinian flag mounted on it. The cab driver began talking with some Palestinian police about the situation.

    "Ok, you can go, but its very dangerous," the policeman told us. The road went uphill and curved to the right. Two ambulances sped by and stopped at the top of the hill. I figured we could at least get up there safely. Just as we left the taxt however, we were pulled aside and taken to a small gravel patch. We were told that just a half hour before, a stone throwing youth was shot dead by a random burst from a tank's machinegun. Shit, I thought. I didn't know what else to think.

    We nervously mounted the hill. To the right, infront of the Israeli colonies we could see an IDF Humvee and a massive bulldozer cruising about. David was quite wary, but I knew that there had to be something to see by the ambulances. As we got closer, we could see scores of young children at the top running about.

    The children were scurrying around large sandpiles and bulldozed roads infront of a large municipal building. It was Beit Lahia's administrative building for schools. A large Merkava tank sat atop a peak to the left, with a smaller bulldozer parked next to it. Four ambulances sat parked in this location, and another two were about 50m to the right along a flat patch. Young boys ran around inbetween.

    Soon after we arrived shots rang out from behind the municipal building. Screams and hollars went up and children poured from the lot. The medics in bullet-proof vests ran out and helped carry two children who had just been shot. They were piled into seperate ambulances. As their sirens wailed and they pulled away, two other ambulances backed up to take their place. The Israelis were manufacturing the wounded.

    We could easily see the situation. About six to ten boys at any time were vainly throwing rocks over the three story building. Few if any made it anywhere. Other children went around the sides to hurl rocks at the Israeli positions. In exchange for this, the Israelis were answering with live ammunition.

    One teenager pulled me aside to walk to the right and get a better view. Past the right corner of the building, where a burning tire was spewing forth black smoke, an Israeli position could easily be seen. Five Israeli soldiers sat in a trench, surrounded by sandbags pointing their Galil rifles in various directions. Just behind them sat their M-113 APC.

    From this vantage point I could perfectly well zoom in with my camera and watch the Israelis shoot children. The live rounds could be heard ricocheting off walls when they missed or fired warning shots. It was a disgusting sight. I began to fill with rage.

    In all reality, the Israelis could simply have sat in their APC and tank in perfect protection. The children had nothing more than stones and a few slings to hurl them with. Their aim was horrible, and the Israeli position at the top of a steep bank was unasailable. There were no militants anywhere to be seen. Nevertheless, the five Israeli troops and later one on top of the Merkava sat and fired rifle shots at the kids.

    "Its two crowds of children, playing games. But one crowd has guns and tanks," I commented to David. I was furious and fought back the urge to flip off the IDF troops as I saw them aim and fire again and again.

    Another child was carried out of the vicinity of the building with yelps and cries. I ran over to film him. He had been shot in one of his legs and his face was contorted with pain. Surely it was a stupid thing these children were doing. But it was hard to blame them. They have no lives and no future in these conditions. The Israelis had simply no excuse whatsoever to be doing what they were doing. They didnt have to leave their vehicles. Even then, they were still fully clad in armor so they didn't have to shoot. Even then they could have shot rubber bullets or tear gas. It was sickening.

    As the sky grew dark, we decided it was best to leave. We asked a medic the tally thus far of the IDF's sick behavior. One child dead and over 20 wounded. I hope those troops slept well.

    (For any that wish to compare the horrible actions of splinter factions of terrorists who are of the minority of Palestinians with this - realize that this is the IDF - the official representation of the Israeli people who is shooting children for sport.)
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  • joannadandy

    Back...thank you for posting this...I don't think a lot of average Americans realize when we give our blind support to Isreal, what that really means...as to your question...

    Why does the USA ignore the terror of Israel?

    I have no idea...it is something that has bothered me for several years now.

  • Aztec

    Yes and why are we surprised that the Palestinians would want a homeland of their own? Isreal is just as guilty of terrorism as Al Quada and the US in it's unflinching support of Isreal is just as guilty. And we're surprised that they hate us...LMSadAO ~Aztec

  • teejay

    Condemn me for saying this if you want to, but if I were living in such conditions and something like that happened to my daughter, the assailant (and his country) would be life-long enemies of mine. Period. And I would do what I could to avenge her death.

    People wonder why there are terrorists and why these people hate Israel. Give me a break. If this incident is factual, I'd say that the Israelis doing this are terrorists of the worst sort.

  • heathen

    For one thing there is no oil there for another I've heard the US say it is for a palistinian state . What is it you think the US should do anyway? We have already given the Isrealies plenty to deal with arab problems and what has Isreal ever done to show support for the US ?

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I blame it all on a man written book that is 4,000 years old that is bast on superstition, myths and legends that have to place in the 21 century. That is another reason why the US is sticking its nose in the Middle East problems. I say let the Jews fight their own battles.


  • joannadandy
    What is it you think the US should do anyway?

    How about we stop sending them MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in weapons?

    How about we get pissed when they invade and take over Palestinian areas?

    How about we stop turning a blind eye to the fact that they have nuclear weapons?

    Just a thought for starters...

  • minimus

    Didn't you know that Israel is the 51st state?

  • Aztec

    Amen Jo! LOL Minimus! ~Aztec

  • seawolf
    How about we stop sending them MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in weapons?

    How about we get pissed when they invade and take over Palestinian areas?

    How about we stop turning a blind eye to the fact that they have nuclear weapons?

    As long as the AIPAC, JINSA, etc have so much power and money and contribute so much money to American political campaigns, and we have so many political leaders high up in government who seem to have more loyality to Israel than to the US (some even holding dual American-Israeli citizenships), I don't see it happening.

    Heck, Israel killed two UN workers last year (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2541455.stm), shot a 65 year-old Welsh woman last month (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/2780047.stm), and bulldozed a pregnant woman's house last week, crushing her to death along with her unborn child (9 months pregnant), and Israel shot to death an 85 year-old Palestinian sheperd for riding his donkey in a restricted area (http://www.jordantimes.com/wed/news/news2.htm). Most of this stuff never even makes the news. It seems hardly anyone even cares anymore.

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