Trump and the MEMO

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  • scratchme1010
    Its stone cold laughable to call someone who supports a policy decision of the president “in a new cult” when the same thing could be easily said of those who disagree with a policy decision simply because it came from trump.

    Actually, you are the one using the cult card. As I said in my post, one thing is agreeing with that vulgar pig, a different one is being brainwashed. Typical Trump follower, everything they don't like hearing about is "a card". The "race card" the "woman card", blah blah blah. I am playing the "I am 100% right" card.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    I just happen to see now a great emergence (especially since Hillary lost) of a totalitarian left,

    Please codify THAT?

    I’m not exactly a Hillary fan either, but how do you tie her LOSS to a “great emergence of totalitarianism from the left?” The executive branch=Republican President. The House AND Senate=Republican majority. The Judicial is Ideologically split, for the most part. I just fail to see specifically HOW they can be regarded as “totalitarian,” even if they wanted to. They don’t really control anything. Please enlighten.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Please codify THAT? - you're asking for the 'totalitarian left' to be codified?

    Ok ... I can give examples

    Jordan Peterson refused to go along with Canada's new law that states a person must use the correct pronoun desired by the person being addressed, i.e. if person A is gender fluid and wishes to be addressed as ze or xir, addressing them as mr or mrs will mean you're breaking the law. Peterson just managed to cling on to his job as a professor. There were mobs of online saddos trying to get him sacked, these are the foot soldiers of the totalitarian left.

    Another example, in Britain a professor actually lost his job because he made a silly joke about female colleagues - he said women shouldn't work in laboratories because they're likely to fall in love with male colleagues. A similar bolus of saddos campaigned online, demanding he lose his job ... and the scary thing is it worked.

    These people infest our universities, town halls, politics and police across the Western world.

    That enough for you? ... geddit now?

  • freemindfade

    Here is a great take on this "your political views are a cult because you called BS on my leftist views"

    All people are victims of cognitive bias, it is inescapable. Cults exploit this natural tendency we all have to an extreme. If you stand back and look at what is really going on in America's political landscape and war of ideology you WILL find the following.

    Vast political identity groups, liberal, conservative, independent, libertarian, hybrids and so on. Now out of this great see of identities, you have this leftists "box" that has emerged. Is it different? why is it different? Who is in it?

    I would say this box consists of:

    • The democratic party leadership as it stands now
    • Most celebrities
    • 90% of the mainstream news media
    • Many university folks, leaders, and students
    • SJW's of all sorts

    Now I put this together because they stand out as unique. How? Well from any of the groups I mentioned above, liberal, conservative, independent and other, if you step the least bit out of line with anyone (single) of their tenants, you are immediately ostracized and condemned to "right-wing" regardless of your group political identity.

    Example 1:

    When it comes to gender identity, I am liberal, I will call you by whatever pronoun you wish. However, I will tell you I am not for giving hormones to young children (even as young as toddlers) to transition their gender, I am also not for the government enforcing the use of these pronouns. Now, because i have an opinion that touches a "forbidden" conversation, I am now labeled Right Wing and a bigot. This new leftists box, everyone has to fall in line and check the boxes, there is no freedom of thought or discussion.

    Example 2:

    You are a Democrat leader, or perhaps a celebrity, you actually reflect internally the exact same scenario as above. But you WILL NEVER SPEAK IT. It doesn't check the box. It's a banned discussion and unspeakable. All ideas must fall in line!

    Ok, so here we are, does the same exist outside this? Sure, the ultra-right wing may have a similar authoritarian bias, but they are not running Google and youtube, they are not 90% of the mainstream news media, they are not Hollywood preaching to you, they aren't teaching the future our the country at universities.

    All those kicked out of this new BOX, are labeled right wing, regardless of being liberals, conservatives, libertarians, independents, they are just out, They expressed a forbidden thought, or asked a dirty question that can't even be discussed, so disfellowship the apostate. Now this nebulous group outside that leftist box, has all kinds of varying ideas on things that they do not necessarily agree on, but you know what common trait they are sharing? They are willing to discuss them and agree or disagree and continue on. The discussion isn't banned.

    So you say on this board, in true lefists basic fashion, "oh you are all just cult members again" just like the news you watch where they try to cram complex issues into a few minutes of yelling down to each other because discussion of facts doesn't sell news.

    I make the argument the Cult is this leftist box, it's not thinking for yourself, if you do you will find yourself outside pretty damn quick. You are not allowed. This has become an ideology of censorship and intollerance of any ideas that don't fall in line with its set agenda. Far stricter than anything I currently see from this proclaimed "right wing". There are tons of people out there exchanging ideas, some of them difficult to talk about, like this gender issue, and breaking them down into core principles and discussion, this open discourse is HATED by that left box. There are no "liberal" forums like this existing right now, period. Because the minute you openly have a real discussion, you are marked and shunned. You are no longer considered a liberal, case, and point, Dave Rubin.

    I conclude this new PC, SJW, intolerant, things are all black and white, fall in line mentality is the cult mentality. I do not agree with many conservative ideas, some I do, but I see them as a group far more tolerant to simply have a discussion. So instead of your lazy whiny, cult mud slinging, why don't you take a look at that. Where is the shutting down of discussion coming from in this country??? where is the thought policing, that has silenced countless people thoughts and opinions??? Ruined public figures simply for having opposing views???

    You my friends may be the ones in the cult

  • Simon
    You can dislike Obama, but he did not treat the office with contempt, or run it like it was his family business.

    He ran it like it was his street-gang. Shittiest most corrupt and incompetent president ever.

    I don't care that he gave good speeches, he did bad things and should be forever known as the criminal he is.

    Also, it's a pathetic argument to try and claim that anyone who doesn't agree with your world outlook must be mind-controlled or otherwise cult indoctrinated.

  • jp1692

    Donald Trump is like a cult leader, says religious studies scholar - (Independent, UK):

    • Donald Trump is akin to a cult leader and his supporters are reminiscent of disciples of a sect, according to a religious studies scholar, Reza Aslan
    • The intense sentiments expressed by President Trump’s support base shared more parallels with religion than politics. Such groups tend to exhibit a few common characteristics. They are usually formed around an individual whom they’ve elevated to prophetic and near divine status.
    • Trump has harnessed the kind of emotional intensity from his base that is more typical of a religious revival meeting than a political rally, complete with ritualized communal chants ('Lock her up!’).
    • Aslan argued President Trump was adept at getting his supporters to indiscriminately believe everything he said.
    • Mr. Trump’s barbed and frequent attacks on the mainstream media, which he notoriously disparages as purveyors of “fake news”, were yet another example of his cult-like tendencies.
    • The authority that a cult leader exercises comes from his self-ascribed role as the one true information source for his followers. Competing ideas and facts are not just wrong; they are demonic.
  • Simon
    according to a religious studies scholar, Reza Aslan

    The whole piece is BS then, the guy is an absolute fraud and proven liar.

  • hothabanero

    Isn't Reza Aslan a rando guy with a crackpot theory about Jesus who literally ate a human cadaver on CNN?

  • jp1692

    Can’t understand why a loved one would vote for Donald Trump? Let the experts who spend their lives studying cults help break it down.

    Rick Alan Ross, America’s leading cult expert, executive director of the Cult Education Institute and a lifelong Republican, explains why “Trumpism has striking similarities to the fanatical groups he studies.”

    Ross answers the question: “Is Trump a cult leader?”

    Here’s a short-list of the evidence he examines concerning all those “Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid”:

    • Sign I: His campaign is fueled by charisma.
    • Sign II: He’s a raging narcissist.
    • Sign III: What he says is always right. Even when it's not.
  • jp1692
    HH: Isn't Reza Aslan a rando guy with a crackpot theory about Jesus who literally ate a human cadaver on CNN?

    I'm pretty sure Jesus has never been on CNN.

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