Just a dumb question. A minor was df in our cong 15 yrs old

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  • Reazon22

    I've been DF well over 10 years now. I'm married and my wife isn't a JW. So one day I was at my parents house and my brother was trying to share scripture with with me and then my sister interrupts and says you can't do that. So my wife was like why? Don't you want him to come back? Then my sister explained only an elder can do so? Then my wife was like let me get this straight, someone who doesn't know your brother is better suited for encouragement then his own family? It was this moment that made me really think about what my wife just said! My wife was like is this biblical? Anyways to make the story short my wife made it clear to my sister never to mention this stuff to her ever again, no friendly discussions and no mags. She said it was weird and one of the dumbest things she heard.

  • scratchme1010

    The question is can her mother and father who are witnesses greet her in the morning only or would they be a sharer in her wicked deeds and thus also be df for saying a greeting?

    Jeezuz! If you find yourself asking that kind of questions...

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Poopie - you really should study the Bible the literature and get Jehovah's the org's thoughts on this matter - or simply ask a mature J.W.

    Didn't you know that Jehovah's the WTBT'S laws are flexible, and can be based on a person's zip/post code?

    If an individual is disfellowshipped when living in the same house as other J.W.'s, then life goes on basically as it always did, with the exception of talking about JW Broadcasts, CLAM meetings, etc. (so it's not all bad!)

    However, if the d/f'd individual moves out and into the house next door, then his relatives must treat him as the spawn of Satan himself and cut him off forthwith - just because his zip/post code changed!

    I'm sure you'll see what a sensible and loving provision this is from our heavenly Father the "faithful slave."

  • schnell

    @Reazon22 your wife is awesome! I love it when that nonsense gets exposed and fails the straight-face test.

  • pbrow

    Born ins are fucked from the get go matter what happens.

    The child has made the very adult decision to dedicate her life to god. If the child was mature enough to take control of her spiritual life then the parents can fuck off and not give her any more advice on spiritual matters. Bonus... No other fucktard at the hall can personally indoctrinate her any more either.

    Tough road for this child but if you are born in there is no other road to take. Thanks a lot mom and dad. Dont be these parents!! GTFO


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Welcome aboard Rezzon22!

  • StephaneLaliberte

    The minute this kid will move out of his parents, he will loose all contacts with them. So, maybe he will stay a little longer. That being said, some elders pressure the parents to force the kids out as soon as possible (right after highschool for instance).

    In any case, that "you can talk to family member in the same house" will not last for ever for kids.

  • jambon1

    The fact that it even needs to be questioned is utterly embarrassing for JW's.

    'No natural affection'

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