Official Increase in the Number of Jehovah's Witnesses You Shouldn't Trust

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  • David_Jay

    I am adding new information to the original post: The "leak" of the increase in partakers is beginning to sweep the Internet among Jehovah's Witnesses even before the number is fully confirmed.

    From a Witness connection I have, among the ranks people are recognizing that too much rationalization is having to be used to become settled with the news.

    My connection stated: "While we know that the latest change from the Governing Body is that the number of partakers is no longer to be viewed as an indicator of anything, people still recall that for most of our history it was. You can hear that it is worrisome while we outwardly usually don't admit it. But some people are starting to plainly say that something is wrong. I've never heard people say this so openly before. We know that this number should not be so high. It doesn't add up."

    My connection added that the rationalizations being offered by some who are still defending the current new stance are being picked apart by others in a manner that she has never seen before: "The way some are trying to explain misgivings away are being quickly challenged by those in discussions. One brother outwardly told another in my hearing that his rationalization was just simply that, an attempt to excuse away the unusual growth."

    If these numbers do prove to be true, I am sure we can expect to hear the Governing Body's own rationalization on the subject sooner than later.

  • steve2

    I'd be surprised if the GB adopted a more upfront approach about the continued growth year-by-year of Memorial partakers - it would draw too much attention to this unexpected development and leave too many opportunities for JWs to realize, "Hey, yeah, that is a strange development." The last thing the GB would want is to openly air strange results. Members who don't usually think might start to think.

    Thei GB's style to date is to avoid direct reference to the increase of partakers but instead to cast doubt on the genuineness of partakers themselves. Hell, I recall their doing this when I was a kid! An elderly sister back then was perceptibly mad even by JW standards - she took the emblems but was never counted as a partaker. Poor woman - rendered invisible in an organization that worships numbers.

  • prologos

    Continuing to Concentrate on the possible fixes for the increasing partaker paradox of wt: how about the potential new light that the number 144k refers only to those still on earth? the remnant must at any given time never exceed 144000, but the heavenly total is astronomical,? if not comical?

  • GLTirebiter

    I THINK that the catholic church teaches that once a person dies they can no longer help those on earth. It is those left on earth that can help the departed by asking God to remember their life...

    The second part, yes. The departed not-yet-saints undergoing purification in purgatory can no longer help themselves, so the living should pray for them that they may be prepared to meet the Lord face-to-face (2 Mac 12 29-46, 2 Tim 1 16-18).

    The first part, no. Once they arrive in the Lord's presence, i.e. become saints, they will bring prayers on behalf of the living to the Lord (Rev. 5 8, Rev. 8 3-4). We do not know who all the saints are, but we can know some who are because their intercession has been effective, demonstrating that they are in the Lord's presence and bring prayers to Him on our behalf.

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "I'd be surprised if the GB adopted a more upfront approach about continued growth..."

    I'd be surprised if the GB adopted a more upfront approach about anything.

  • Vidiot

    Re. the thread's subject...

    ...I still think a significant percentage of this increase in partakers are still-in (or stuck-in) TTATTers who are doing it to f**k with the stats.

    Ain't no resistance like passive resistance. :smirk:

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