Official Increase in the Number of Jehovah's Witnesses You Shouldn't Trust

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  • David_Jay

    Actually, the Roman Catholic Church holds that the saints do indeed help those on earth. Saints that are canonized, for instance, are generally those who offer proof of being in Heaven by performing at least two miracles after their death. These miracles usually take the form of healing the sick on earth.

    Catholics teach that the Church remains one body that continues to cooperate together as the Church Militant (those on earth) and the Church Triumphant or Glorified (those in Heaven). The Church Triumphant actively assists the Church Militant according to Catholic eschatology.

    "Canonized" saints are those added to the official liturgy of the Mass, either to the listing of the saints asked to pray for the Church at the Easter Vigil or on the day of their "victory" (death). This official "listing" is what the word "canonized" means, like the official listing of the books of the Bible. Unless the saint was proven to be approved by God before or at the time of death (usually by dying as a faithful martyr), the saint must prove from Heaven that they are still working in union with the Church Militant. Those that do prove this get added to this prayer listing or canon.

    The 144,000 teaching of JWs, on the other hand, neither entails a canonization (as Witnesses don't believe you can personally ask for a saint's help by praying to them and therefore has no listing in liturgy to add their name to, i.e., "St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.") Not only do Witnesses deny that miracles can happen anymore ( thus no way to prove from Heaven that someone is there), they believe prayer is an act of worship that can only rightfully be offered to God. (Prayer is actually only a request, and not exclusively an act of worship.)

    So not only can we ever know if the claimant JW partaker can rightfully make such a claim to be chosen, there is no theological belief in Watchtowerism that God will (or even desires to or can) offer supernatural validation of these partaker claim.

  • OrphanCrow

    The anointed is an overlapping number

    The doctrine is going to change. The WT has full control on how many they choose to publish as partakers

  • Crazyguy

    Once I found out about how the Borg cared more about thier real estate holdings in Mexico then how jws could worship, then it became clear to me that they would lie about anything including thier numbers.

  • dubstepped

    How long before they cherry pick a new scripture and use it to portray this influx of new anointed members in this time of the end, whether as legitimate or not?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Eventually (if they haven't already) will say that the number (144,000) isn't a literal number so it doesn't matter how many have partaken over the years.

  • myelaine

    Someone is officially declared a saint in the RCC if miracles are attested to them. When an ordinary person dies they go to join all the saints that have gone before them, ie: ordinary people/saints (Similar in some ways to the JW 2 class system?)

    the bible teaches that the dead know nothing (about what's presently going on in this realm) and therefore can't help us AND that we are not supposed to pray to or try to make contact in any way with departed familiar spirits. It seems that the teachings of both the WTBTS and the RCC regarding this aspect of the other realm are by guess and by fact and unfortunately, traditions of men that have made void the word of God.

  • smiddy

    The organization of Jehovahs witnesses are obsessed with numbers as their yearbooks show to demonstrate that Jehovah is blessing his organization with increases in publishers ,Mag.distributions,bible studies ,hours ,baptisms etc,etc,

    If the Catholic Church did the same thing today the results the Jehovahs witnesses publish would pale into insignificance .

    On the other hand when the JW`s are forced to acknolwedge their decline in their growth ,they will change tac , and claim it is a sign that the end is very close now ,citing the scripture "in the last days the love of the greater number will cool off "

    Jehovahs witnesses have always had an each way bet on their survival.

  • schnell
    Really? Where do they say that?

    Evil Apostate, a person who partakes and isn't anointed is compared to a false prophet, and they'll be killed in the GT or Big A. I've personally heard local needs talks to that effect.

    It's pretty rich that the WT would accuse anyone of being a false prophet.

  • schnell
    How long before they cherry pick a new scripture and use it to portray this influx of new anointed members in this time of the end, whether as legitimate or not?

    Dubstepped, don't they already have a card to play for that? They haven't been "sealed" yet.

  • prologos
    evilApostate: "Really? Where do they say that? -- no fall-back on the earthly hope--

    I was talking about the billions of past partakers in "Christendom. sorry, I might have "gone beyond the things written" by wt. but:

    1 Cor. 27 "--drinks unworthily will be guilty-- 29: drinks judgement against himself--Hebr. 10:26: no sacrifice left--29: severe punishment-- sin against --blood of the covenant. "

    WT basically has declared all religious activity post-John's writings illegitimate, including their doctrines, ceremonies; ( wt require re-baptism for example). The implications are clear, even if wt perhaps never put it that way. The wt way,-- or you are a goner, gone to gehenna.

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