GDPR Congregation Record of Processing Activities

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  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    GDPR Congregation Record of Processing Activities:!AmCrvJcXI6M6gX7oc1gksXOLAeae

    ...and associated files...
    Letter to BOE dated January 6, 2017:!AmCrvJcXI6M6gXyqlcIog-DT815_
    Report on Circuit Overseer's Visit With Congregation (S-303):!AmCrvJcXI6M6ggH1xAUzCyE8iZom

    Some initial questions:
    Page 9 - "Rest of application data held in other types of records"
    What are these "other" types of records?

    Page 10 - "congregation school"
    Are they still admitting to running a school? I thought that word was dropped due to legal implications?

    But the main question surely is: Shouldn't the publishers be informed about this - exactly what is being recorded - before being coerced to sign their data away?
  • JRK

    Good questions Fay Dehr!


  • smiddy3

    What I would like to know is how in the world are the average Elder with what amounts to the basic education and even less in many cases that they have able to deal with all of these legal forms that they are supposed to familiarize themselves with that keep coming out on a regular basis .?

    I don`t know how they are supposed to keep up with all the legal jargon that goes on?

    The Twelve Apostles and Disciples had it shit easy compared to what is expected of Elders in today`s religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses

  • Bobcat

    Marked. Thanks Fey.

  • zboubiz

    The school was dropped because of legal implications ? Please tell me more !

  • sparrowdown

    Operating a School = regulations regarding working with children and probably all sorts of other regulatory criteria.

    Laws and procedures WT do not nor have ever abided by. Naughty WT.

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr


    Repeatedly in court: "We do not operate a Sunday school, sponsor any other school. Therefore, we are not subject to laws requiring us to act responsibly with children. We're not responsible for anything!"

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for the post!

    Im in the process of negotiating with the branch in my country to obtain all my data.

    So far they have acted dishonestly, duplicitously and patronising by the way they have refused to comply with a polite request.

    The requests will be getting less polite soon, and more legalistic....

    stay tuned...

  • LoyalLeon

    the S-303 is heavily outdated; the current form simply leaves one empty space fpr the CO's comments

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Care to share?

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