Washington Post is carrying the story: Australian Jehovah’s Witnesses protected over a thousand members accused of child abuse, report says

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  • truthseekeriam

    I'm happy to see this getting more press coverage!

  • smiddy

    This is good news barbara ,how is the Washington Post Newspaper regarded in mainstream america?

    Is it widely distributed ,read by many americans across the country ?

    Are their articles syndicated through other newspapers throughout the country ?

    It would be great if all the above were true , this exposure of the JW religion in Australia does need to be made known as widely as possible in all parts of the world if at all possible.

    Hopefully our friends here on this board can make that happen through social media.

    Thanks for posting this Information .

  • darkspilver

    Hi smiddy

    how is the Washington Post Newspaper regarded in mainstream america?

    Is it widely distributed ,read by many americans across the country ?

    Have you heard of the Watergate Scandal? You know, Richard Nixon and all that stuff. Maybe you've seen the film? All The President's Men? But, yeah, that was like over 40 years ago. Today The Washington Post is now owned by Jeff 'amazon . com' Bezos.

  • OrphanCrow
    smiddy: Are their articles syndicated through other newspapers throughout the country ?

    The same article also ran in Canada's National Post.

    The National Post is a respected mainstream news outlet in Canada.


    I am surprised that CBC Canada hasn't run a story yet. It appears like our French news outlets are carrying it - but that is understandable considering the high profile that the JWs have in Quebec news right now. This story double whammys the WT in Quebec - this is bad news for them right on the heels of more bad news. Quebec will be all over this one - first they have two mothers who die because of blood refusal and leave children behind and now that same religion is exposed as not providing safety and care for those children.

    If anyone in Canada bothers to do the math, the possible number of abusers within the Canadian JWs is almost 1500. There is no reason to believe that the stats are lower in Canada than there are in Australia.

  • LongHairGal

    I'm so glad to hear this. I wish The NY Times would have a story like this next!...The wall of silence is coming down in the U.S.


  • darkspilver

    It's shortly after 7.15am on Tuesday morning in Washington DC, US

    And what are the citizens of Washington DC waking up to? What are they reading in their newspaper over breakfast? or on their commute to work?....

    The Washington Post Newspaper, Tuesday 29 November 2016 - and the front page headline features two picture-lead stories - firstly "Dutifully mourning Castro - The loyal, and the obliged, honor patriarch of Cuba’s ‘Revolution’" - and the second feature headline is "11 hurt in Ohio State attack; campus police kill assailant."

    The story about the Australian Royal Commission does NOT appear to feature ANYWHERE in today's 58-page print edition.

    BUT - and we'll know how big a 'but' that is this weekend..... The Washington Post has a weekly 'Religion' feature each Saturday - so maybe they're holding back in order to compile a more in-depth article / exposé for this coming Saturday, 3 December 2016?.....

  • TheWonderofYou

    Australia: 1005 cases of any form of sexual abuse since 1950. In 56 years.
    Lets divide 1005 through 700 congregations. That make 1,4 abusers in 56 years per congregation. 60000 JW compared with 1005 cases makes 1,6 % of publishers are going from house to house and are a risk. They should always have company and certainly no minors.

    USA 25000 unreported cases according to the press in 14000 congregations. Makes. 1,7 abuser case in 56 years (if 1950 was the year the worldwide collection of data began) That brings us to 1200000 JW in USA compared to 25000 cases makes even 2 % of publishers a risk.

    Canada 116000 publishers with 1,6 % "risk of abuse" makes 1856 possible cases again for 56 years.


    What if the 25000 cases are meant worldwide? Then we would get a better picture.

    If you take 118000 congregations and divide it through 25000 you get 4,7. Each 4th or 5th congregation would have had an abuse case in 56 years. That would even make a better image.

    If we applied a cautious 1,5 percent risk ratio worldwide we would get with 8000000 JW exactly 80000 abuse cases worldwide in 56 years notabene.


    Violence and women - a worldwide problem

    Two factors are important:

    - Many unreported cases

    - experts say that each 3rd woman has been abused or beaten or experienced other forms of violence in a lifetime (30% of all women)

    In that case and in this bandwith the 1-2% of abuse cases in the JW-church are not so much in quantity but dreadful because they happen in a socially closed group with unacceptable rules e.g. they go hand in hand with shunning and loose of all family and social peer group contact.

    Even if violence is not included in the 1-2 % it seems that the percentage of violence and abuse in the JW church is less than in the average population.

    Nevertheless the JW-cases go hand in hand with other forms of psychological abuse and violence. (shunning eg.) which also counts heavily for the victims.

  • OrphanCrow

    Our local rag, the Regina Leader Post, has also ran the Washington Post story:

    Australian Jehovah’s Witnesses protected members accused of child abuse, report says

  • steve2

    "The church’s [JW organization's] responses to sexual abuse allegations, and its desire to handle them internally, often mirror those of the Catholic Church or of some Orthodox Jewish communities."

    Ouch. Too close for comfort. Shouldn't JW organization, the one true religion on earth, be much better than that?

  • smiddy

    Thanks guys for setting me straight about the Washington Post and its good to see the story has been picked up elsewhere

    If we made a comparison of the JW `s and the RCC how ,would the JW`s fare ?

    The Catholics have over 1 billion members and have had a big prtoblem with child sex abuse.

    The Jehovahs Witnesses have over 8 million members and they have a big problem with child sex abuse .

    Has anybody ever done a comparison here between these two ?

    I sometimes think the R.C.Church has been dealt a raw deal here simply because they are such a large religion ,however religions such as the Jehovahs Witnesses escape the spotlight simply because they are a small sect

    IN fact maybe they are just as bad or even worse offenders if we look at the ratios.

    Just saying.

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