2018 Branch Organization Manual!

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    Beth Sarim

    Thanks Atlantis!!!

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    Beth Sarim:

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    Thanks Atlantis, much appreciated as always.


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    Did anyone see the point on section 1:6

    "The Governing Body is not bound by recommendations received from other Elders. Such recommendations serve merely as a guide and may even be rejected for reasons known to the Governing Body"

    Does that sound arrogant to any one else??

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    Thank you Atlantis, lots of interesting points.

    12. The appointment as a member of the Branch Committee or to a posi- tion of oversight in the branch organization is not for any specified period of time. Having in mind the advance- ment of the Kingdom work, the Branch Committee may at any time recommend to the Governing Body a new appoint- ment, a removal, or the reassignment of individuals.

    It's interesting to consider the psychological effect of this policy statement. I suspect it tends to ensure extreme loyalty from branch committee members for fear of losing their position. Plus interesting to compare it with the GB’s status which is a position for life. How might the GB act differently if their positions were viewed as temporary and subject to review.

    15. First Five Years at Bethel: A person who comes to Bethel should be in good health. He should have his personal affairs arranged so that he is able to devote himself to his Bethel service within the framework of the established arrangement for support of members of the Worldwide Order, such as personal time away, health care, and so forth. He should be physically, mentally, and circumstantially able to adjust to Bethel and to give consistent attention to his work assignment. In the case of a married couple, the above would apply to each mate individually. Each should enjoy good health and be able to shoulder his or her own responsibility as a member of the Bethel family.

    Repetition for emphasis? We really don’t want to pay any health costs!

    In the case of disfellowshipping, the wrongdoer should be given the usual seven days to make this appeal, even though he would normally leave Beth- el on the day the original judicial com- mittee advises him of the decision to disfellowship. No announcement of the disfellowshipping should be made until seven days have elapsed since the ap- peal was handled.-kslO 8:1-20.
    If I understand this correctly a DFed person has to leave bethel immediately and not wait for the result of an appeal. No mention is made of what happens if the appeal is successful. This is probably an indication of how rare it is for an appeal to result in a decision to disfellowship being overturned.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I found this chart in B. O. Manual. Not sure how to understand this WT PEA (Personal Expense Account) chart. I'm trying to figure out what U.S. Bethelites and Circuit Overseers get paid monthly/yearly. As an example, what do I get paid if I've been a Bethelite for 10 years and am at Patterson?

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    Thx, Atlantis, you've come through again!

    SBF, one observation:

    "the GB’s status ... is a position for life."

    Not exactly. It's for life only if a member does not fall into disfavor with his most elite peers: witness Ray Franz, Leo Greenlees, E. Chitty.

    As for appeal committees overturning a local committee's decision, I know of only two. It IS quite rare.

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    As always: thanks!

    I don’t even read them, but I like that we can have them—often before the elders—just because it must drive the control freaks on the Governing Body crazy!

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