Spritual Emptyness

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  • Introspection
    Does anyone here have any doubts about the Bible?

    Rebel, I now take a very simple approach to the bible - I decide based on what it says in any given part. I think for exJW's and ex anythings who had some preconceived notions about the bible, the important thing is not to come up with new interpretations, but to let your existing ones go. My guess is most of the world has a distorted understanding of the bible actually, particularly the parts where Jesus spoke. You may get some specific bits right, but people tend to use it to support their own world view like anything else.

    The bottom line is: Does it make sense? But before you even ask that about the bible we might ask the same question about our own thinking. We have to first recognize that any information we take it, be it from the bible or any other supposedly authoritative source, goes through our mind with its way of thinking. If our perception is distorted in the first place it doesn't really matter if the information is good or not, the thing that needs clarity in that case is our heads, not the data.

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