Lessons learned from the wife of lot drama

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They made a point of taking off the shoes to show how Oafish the worldly guy was in comparison to the soft spoken and oh so patient Witnesses man and how clean, pristine and unsullied by the outside world, their home was.

    Most people I know kick their shoes off at the front door, this isn't a JW or Asian thing only. As per usual, JW's think the have the market cornered when it comes to knowing how to live and behave decently. They love to compare themselves to the worst examples out there so they can paint every non JW, with the same broad brush.

    The sickening thing about that video was how manipulative it was. Subtle things such as the harshness of the wife's makeup and the change in the color of the daughter's hair, were all very intentional. I'm guessing the average JW (especially the younger ones) picked up on this.

    Most people resent being manipulated and JW's are no different.

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