Lessons learned from the wife of lot drama

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  • purrpurr

    The video drama shown at the recent comvention was called "the wife of lot". I noticed some stuble lessons being taught in this soap opera style video...

    Firstly, all the bad influence comes from women, its the wife and the mother in law whose pushing for more money and a better lifestyle. While the men remain loyal to God, can't show the men going astray now can we?

    The lifestyle shown is unrealistic too. Even though the asian family all pioneer they live in a beautiful apartment, wear nice clothes and have the time to spend every meal at the dinner tabke with several dishes set out. The women are always shown cooking never the men and what is it with this "shoes off when you come into this house"? Doesnt everyone take their shoes off when they walk into a house? Why are they making such a point about this? Like its some special jw thing that only jws do?

    Then of course there's the stuble point that when the wife goes bad she starts wearing trouser suits! Shock horror! And when the daughter goes bad she starts wear a leather jacket!! The wife is also shown having no time to talk to the elders at the assembly, Bad wife! How disrespectful!

    Then there's the not so stuble point that whatever the problem the answer is always jw based: are you in debt? Become a jw! Got a bad temper issue? Become a jw! Don't like your nice big apartment? Learn another language to convert more people for God! Don't have a pension or savings? Pioneer more! Your kids don't have any employment skills above menial? Pioneer hitch!

    At every point it's the bad women pushing for more money to get nicer clothes saying no hand me downs. Its the bad women being unfriendly to elders and not being submissive to their husbands authority. Bad women! Women are bad! Watch out for those women! They will lead you astray if you're not careful!

    Lastly I thought the soap opera format was rather hypocritical given how down the WT has always been on soap opera's?!

    What stuble points did you pick up on?

  • midnight

    why did they not call the circuit overseer by his first name ? is this the general case or have i missed something ? its like hes on some sort of pedestal

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Subtle is what i picked up on.

  • midnight


  • waton

    calling people by their first name is a local thing, called "Duzen" in german, wt instructions were way back April 1996 km, question box, to have the terms Brother x , Sister y to be used at the hall, meetings, functions. has that been rescinded?

  • Xanthippe
    Bad women! Women are bad

    That's all women need to know about the attitude of this cult. Run!

  • venus

    Lot's wife was actually looking back at life something like that of present GB live--having materially to the full!

  • ttdtt

    FYI - Asian cultures always take shoes off when entering a home.

    I am not asian and I do as well.

  • HiddlesWife

    @waton=> I notice for a few years now, a number of J-Dubs calling brothers "guys" and sisters "girls" or "ladies", and not Brother x or Sister y. Most are doing the informal thing nowadays.

  • sir82

    What stuble points did you pick up on?

    Mothers-in-law are evil?

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