Do you think North Korea will fire a nuke over here?

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  • animal

    Agreed... we had the nuke drills in elementery school, and I remember Cuba and Kennedy (barely), and the Pueblo Crisis. When I was on active duty in the '80s, we would go on alert as practice a few times a month. There was some issue with Korea when I was stationed in Hawaii and we all thought we were headed there. Nothing happened tho.

    Will they nuke us? Nope.... it is a ploy to see who blinks first. We wont. They want money, simple as that. I hope we will not give it to them, F them. We need to pull out of S. Korea and let those folks figure it all out. With us gone, maybe China will pick up the slack.


  • back2dafront

    I remember the Gulf War. It was nothing like what's about to happen now. We went over there to save Kuwait. We were assisting others in their fight for freedom. Quite different than going into Baghdad to oust Sadaam. The Gulf War wasn't a real big issue from what I remember. We went in there, did what needed to be done and got out. If you think it's going to be that simple again, more power to ya. It very well could be, don't get me wrong. I just see potential for it not to be that simple, that's all.

  • back2dafront

    You do know that w/ the Cuban missile crisis we were 20 minutes away from nuclear war, right? I'd hate to see us going down that path again - who knows how close we'll get next time around.

    Animal, I agree with you...from what I've read it seems that S. Korea feels they can handle the problem on their own and don't need US support to keep peace in the region. If that's the case...shoot..we should get outta there. China has been improving it's relations w/ S. Korea for awhile it seems likely they could work it all out...

  • JeffT

    Sorry, I think some of you need to read some history. We were not "twenty minutes" from nuclear war over Cuba. It was scary but, not near that close.

    Back2front: what is being said now sounds EXACTLY what was being said just befoe the second gulf war.

    The reason we don't have a missile defense system that can stop say ONE NK missle from hitting a US target is because the Democrats killed the program. The best way to secure peace is to be in a position to kick the daylights out of anybody who breaks the peace.

  • rocketman

    I seriously doubt that N Korea would lob a nuke our way. The Soviets had thousands of them, and it was Mutually Assured Destruction that kept them from firing any over here. N Korea is no Soviet Union, and they'd have no chance if we retaliated in kind, so I doubt they'd be that stupid....well, at least I hope Kim Jong Il(lness) won't.

  • bigboi

    I think the main problem with N. Korea is their ability to cause massive destabilization of the Pacific. I doubt that the Feds are overly concerned with their ability to do us any severe harm. I think the main concern is the harm N.Korea can most certainly do to our allies in the region, namely Japan and S. Korea. With the weapons they have already they can cause considerable harm to the S. Korean capital of Seoul without any nukes. If nukes were to come into play, the N Koreans would defintely use them to attack cities in Japan that were serving as possible staging grounds for American operations. This would be a messy situation for sure and could destablize the region for years on end. Thus, the cautious approach to the situation, at least imo.

  • Trauma_Hound
    LuckLucy said:
    They did fire an dead missle near Alaska.I believe they wanted to see how far it would reach.So yes, I believe they are preparing to send one over.Would'nt' suprise me.

    LOL, you want everyone to speak english to you, and you don't even have a grasp of said language.

  • LuckyLucy

    If you did'nt understand what I wrote then you have a problem with the english language.Thanks for getting rid of your picture.

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