Convention 2018 Notes

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  • DesirousOfChange

    That's .004 percent. .4 would equal 2400 baptisms. The decimal is rather important.

    The global net increase in population (births-deaths) is 1.06%

    To keep up with the worlds population .106 x 6000 they would have to have baptized 636 individuals.

    Not likely to happen. Cheers!

    OK Class, let's review. I've seen this mistake posted several other times.

    (BTW -- this does not have to do with being denied "higher" edukayshun.)

    If 6,000 are in attendance --

    10% is 600

    1% is 60

    1/2% (.50 = 1/2), thus .5% is 30

    Thus .4% = 24

    To compute (multiply) a percentage you do move the decimal point 2 positions to the left, thus to compute 10% of a number (ie, 6,000) you multiply by "0.10" (notice the decimal point) vs. 10 (where the decimal point is understood to be AFTER the zero. Thus 10% of 6,000 is 600. (Or, 6,000 x .10 = 600). But you do NOT move the decimal AND use the "%" sign.

  • sparrowdown

    My notes now would be like

    M U S T st ay a wak e

    Whilst awake MUST NOT develop convention induced tourettes syndrome!

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh those notes brought back finger nails down a chalk-board.

  • WTWizard

    And the whole thing is lies. Designed to make you spiritually sicker. Praying to joke-hova does nothing but make you spiritually sick, while draining your energy to help that thing enslave and degrade the whole population and make happy life anywhere in the universe a thing of the past. The dwelling on poverty as a virtue (and other hardships) makes your soul attract hardship. Which is not good for your spirituality.

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