Update on sisters threatened with rape

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  • Xanthippe

    Yesterday I had an email from Amnesty International about the two sisters in an Indian village who were sentenced by the village elders to be raped as a punishment for their brother falling in love with a woman from another Hindu caste and eloping with her.

    Amnesty do a great deal of good work but the real force is individuals who sign the petitions and send letters and emails to political leaders. People power folks, it really works. For those of us who signed the petition and the rest of the over 300,000 people who did, Meenakshi and her young sister thank you. The email I was sent is below. Click on the red link if you want to read the article on the Amnesty site.

    'Last month we asked you to help us call for the protection of two sisters in India. An all-male village council in Utter Pradesh had ordered that Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister be raped and paraded naked with blackened faces – as punishment for their brother's actions.

    Thank you for standing with them and demanding justice

    Over 300,000 of you signed our petition calling on the state authorities to grant them protection. Now, India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the women and their family must be protected from potential abuses by the villagers.

    The family have told us they are grateful to all of you. But sadly, they don’t yet feel safe enough to go home.

    We will continue to work with Meenakshi, her sister and family to make sure they receive full protection and support to live wherever they choose in peace.

    Thank you for your support,'

    Rachel Alcock

    Campaign Manager - Individuals at Risk
    Amnesty International UK

  • KateWild

    That's really surprising yet good news.

    Kate xx

  • Heaven
    Awesome! I haven't checked my email yet but I did sign the petition. So glad they weren't harmed.
  • Dissonant15
    Wow, People are savages. It blows my mind that in this day & age stuff like this is still happening.
  • cultBgone
    I signed the petition also, it's amazing and empowering to know that our voices count. Thank you so much for sharing this, Xanthippe. 😊
  • Xanthippe
    CultBgone, yes it is amazing and empowering to know our voices count. With modern communication systems the world is shrinking and it's not easy for savage people to do what they like anymore. When things seem really dark in the news it gives me hope to realise that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to use their power to help fellow humans.
  • jhine

    Fantastic news , I signed as well and it is wonderful to know that we can make a difference .


  • Ruby456

    I've read that this story put out by amnesty international has been debunked. They are deceiving you guys about this.

    It is unbelievable how quickly people can gather over something to condemn it if it seems to fit with ideas that other nations are inferior and full of backward people waiting to be rescued by the 'Advanced Americans' narrative (edit: but I accept that Americans generally are not like this of course and do question this sort of narrative. However, Amnesty International ought to know better) .When I first read this story it was already mentioned that the Indian gov had protective measures in place if anything like this happened if it did happen.

    How bout amnesty international starting a petition to stop rape and gang rape in the West, in schools and colleges etc? or at least framing this particular issue that is alleged to have happened in India and that was not even investigated properly by Amnesty as something that happens very often in the West too and that it needs to to be stopped everywhere.

    edit: Amnesty international need to issue an apology and a clarification that they got it wrong this time.

  • mana11

    Amazing how people get "Sucked in",,, Lol ...Research is always a good thing!

    Even on Facebook so many get taken by fake news and images.. :(


  • LoveUniHateExams

    That's great news, Xanthippe.

    I shamefully didn't bother signing the petition - I thought that it wouldn't make any difference.

    I'm glad that I'm wrong.

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