Masonic Symbols On The Cover Of The Draw Close To Jehovah Book

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  • Seven

    I'm very scare because that is no mistake that's for sure. It has to be a code, Q is for who?????Of course it's not for it's members, so is that Jesus way of letting us know the truth.


    Do not be afraid. Secret societies have always been with us and still the world spins round and round and the sun rises and sets each day. This Golden Dawn is just one of many, the list goes on including the College of Ancients, The Hellfire Club, and The Invisible Basilica to leave their symbols about. For what reason I have no idea. It comes as no surprise that over the centuries that many influential leaders, religious or otherwise have been members of these organizations. I've read about these things for years and still have no clue what it's all about or even if it is cause for concern. For me it remains an X-File.

    You mention Jesus so I take it you still believe in him and the god of the bible. Read all you can find about the characters in the scriptures and see if it casts any of them in a "new light."

    I wonder if Joseph and possibly Jesus belonged to a secret society?

    "At first glance, all we know about Joseph from the New Testament is that he is a "carpenter" who lived in "Nazareth" and was the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. Oddly enough, what little we know is mostly misleading, but the hidden story of Joseph in the Bible is much more extensive, if we would pay closer attention to little details."

    Possible "hint" here in bold.

    For example, the word translated "carpenter" is "tecton" and refers not to a wood-worker, but a stone mason(or master of the craft). But the fact Joseph traveled so often, so widely, and could pick up and move during the night shows that Joseph was an itinerant worker who finished his jobs in one day most of the time. So he rarely built houses or worked with massive stones. That leaves mosaic work: Small, portable stones, often needing repair when some worked loose. There was a lot of mosaic work required at Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee, a short walk from a small worker's encampment on the hill now called Nazareth. This town's name was almost certainly "blotted-out" after the revolt in 1BC that followed Herod the Great's death.[1] Sepphoris was destroyed by Rome as a punishment. Joseph would have returned to the region when the city was being rebuilt under Herod Antipas, starting at the end of 1BC." [1: See THE STAR THAT ASTONISHED THE WORLD by Ernest L. Martin]

  • sf

    UR and CC,

    Links are always a good thing. Thanks. I've already got much of this in my own files, yet it's always good for the new lurkers to WITNESS.

    Yea, my thread re: Iraq/ Watchtower war is dead serious too. Stop and peel THAT Onion a moment. It is quite disturbing to realize that indeed WTBTS and this BUSH WAR are working close together to accomplish, with the 'smartbombs', what has been designed all along. Kinda makes ya wanna puke, doesn't it?

    Incidently you two, take a look at my posting history (the old format brought up past posts and threads more ideally) and you'll find some items I'm sure you have not filed yet.

    Happy trails and remember to thank your local kingdom halls for their active participation in charitable donations that ultimately fund this war.

    Tata for now, sKally....waggin' klass!

  • nativenyr23

    Question: I've been out for a while so could someone tell me what year the "Draw Closer.." book was published? Looked at scan...can't really see it. not too clear. But am always very interested in the subliminal messages subject.

  • garybuss

    We had Circuit Assemblies in National Guard Armories a LOT, and those rented buildings, we were told, were to be viewed the same as a Kingdom Hall. This was during a time when Witness people were being shunned for supporting the military and Witness boys were serving hard time in prison for refusing to enter those same buildings.

    Anyone looking for inconsistencies in the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation practices has a very easy time finding it.

    Do you think the military benefited in any way by renting their buildings to the Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • crinklestein

    Again, every day I come here I get more and more shocked and disturbed. Can it be any clearer that this is NOT God's organization? This is bordering on CREEPY!

  • thetruthaboutjws

    Here is a pic of the cover of the book Draw close to Jehovah(Sorry it's not in english)

    This is it folded

    Notice the bible becomes a masonic pyramid and in the clouds there is a masonic S

  • blackout

    If the posts are on your hard drive we cant see them please put them on a web page. All I can see is a red X.

  • thetruthaboutjws

    here are the pictures that where supposed to show up


    here is the folded pic notice the masonic s inthe clouds and masonic pyrimid.


  • heathen

    Brummie-- I gather that's supposed to be the virgin mary ? I never once thought to try folding the literature to find hidden messages lol.

  • Maverick

    I wish all the J-duds would fold their literature back and forth eighty or ninety times. They'd be so busy they wouldn't read all the crap on the pages. And in the end, the print would be all wrinkled and they couldn't read it if they wanted to! Be good exercise too! Hey! Where's Blackguard, he loves all this conspiracy stuff! My older brother holds three patents and I am going to talk to him about inventing a machine for recycling all the J-dud literature into T-paper. We could civilize the whole world with that stuff! Then all those trees would have not died for nothing! Maverick

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