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  • stillin

    "Set Your Heart on Spiritual Treasures." I have been thinking about this during the past week. I always knew that there were no treasures on earth. Material things are nice but can be fleeting or stolen overnight. My kids chose not to be Witnesses, so I had no "letters of recommendation" from the years of effort I put there. Neither have I ever studied with anybody to the point of baptism. So, no treasures there. I tried convincing myself that the people at the KH at least partly accounted their pleasure in the "truth" to knowing people like me. I was friendly, wholesome, honest and made every effort to be encouraging and loyal. I put serious thought into my talks. Yet, really, there is no reward in the form of true, long-lasting friendships. So, I figured that I was banking "treasures in heaven." Jehovah knows what I am about.

    Then there was a crisis. I prayed my heart out for two years to find a resolution to this crisis. Nothing. No thing. Nada. Zip. Personal relationship with the Most High God? Nope.

    I will be at the meeting this morning, dammit, and I think I will be having a lot of feelings for the ones who make their own comments.

    I'll be keeping my mouth shut.

    I don't regret the sort of person that I am. Just my gullibility.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Spiritual treasures indeed, Watchtower illusions would be more accurate.

    But we have all got to the point of kicking ourselves for believing their silly stories.

    Why do you keep attending Stillin?

  • stillin

    Half banana, one word; family. Nobody thinks I am really "in." But it keeps some doors open.

  • Finkelstein

    More like delusional stupidity based upon the fact that the writings in the bible such as in the book of Revelation are fictional in nature, inherently expressed to create power and relevance to a god that never existed accept in the confines of imagination and ignorance.

    As it is living upon human ignorance has never proven to be advantageous or beneficial for humanity, we have documented proof of the fact.

  • nowwhat?

    It boils down to wishful thinking and grasping for straws

  • Vidiot

    @ stillin...

    I know where you're coming from, dude.

    I spent decades "playing fair" and "following the rules", too...

    ...and feeling like I got next to nothing to show for it.

  • WTWizard

    Material treasures can perish, but usually only part at a time. Things wear out, get stolen or damaged, or get used up. Almost never does the whole thing go at once, and usually when it does, it is because joke-hova used its communist program (an alternative to Christi-SCAM-ity) to get you rounded up into the gulags. And there is usually ample warning when a market crash is brewing to wipe out your assets--when everyone and their dog sees the market rising and doesn't think why, you had better get out while the getting out is still good (and silver and gold have never gone to zero).

    On the other hand, spiritual rubbish (which they call treasure) CAN perish in one blow. In fact, that is usually what happens. You get baptized at age 6, you work for the washtowel full time, pious-sneer, go on missions including the hyper-stupid Israel missions, go where the "need" is greater, live exemplary lives--then blow it on one simple mistake. The whole stack is gone, just like that. You are blamed, since you did make the one mistake. And it is harder to "earn" it back--joke-hova simply cuts your "pay rate" to a bare minimum simply for a simple mistake.

  • FedUpJW

    ...and feeling like I got next to nothing to show for it.

    Well at least next to nothing is something. I got nothing for it. Not making light of your comment, just expressing my feelings on the matter.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation built up spiritual treasures over the years about 2 $ Billion or more by lying and deceiving the general public.

    Millions of people gave up their lives, their wealth and their potential for these corrupt opportunistic crooks and there is no delusion in that.


    "Set Your Heart on Spiritual Treasures."


    Buying and developing more real estate for the WBT$.

    So they can sell it, keep your donated money and the profit from the sale.

    Image result for jehovahs witnesses building kingdom hall

    Image result for jehovahs witnesses building kingdom hall

    Image result for Watchtower real estate...Image result for sold sign

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