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    You Know

    The 69th Psalm is known as a Messianic Psalm, as it foretells the documented experiences of Jesus during his execution. For instance, verse 21 foretells the occasion when Jesus was offered gall to drink as he hung from the torture stake. However, of particular interest, is the fact that verse five says: "O God, you yourself have come to know my foolishness, and from you my own guiltiness has not been hidden." Those few among you, who have not forfeited their reasoning ability completely, may perhaps realize that Jesus had no guilt before Jehovah. Therefore, what this indicates, to thinking persons at least, is that the Psalm has a broader application, extending to those who make up the body of Christ---also known as the anointed brothers of Christ.

    So the experiences of the body of anointed ones during the finale parallels the experiences of Christ when he was on the earth. This is verified by Jesus himself, when giving the prophetic illustration of the sheep and the goats, and noting that what was done to his brothers would be counted as if done to him personally. So, the illustration points out that the goats are adversely judged simply because they didn't recognize the brothers of Christ in their plight. The 69th Psalm though adds details missing in the parable, to the effect that some would deliberately, knowingly, war against Christ's brothers. Verse two says of these: "Those hating me without cause have become even more numerous than the hairs of my head."

    As if the script is taken from today's whining apostate rabble, who basically accuse the Watchtower of having defrauded them, the last part of the 5th verse says: "What I had not taken by robbery I then proceeded to give back." So, as it stands presently, it remains to be seen exactly how the over flowing flash floods of good-for-nothing men will temporarily silence Jehovah's Witnesses, but the coming persecution, of which the apostate brood are certain to be in the forefront, will be the determining factor for Jehovah's eternal judgments. That's why the inspired Psalmist, as if speaking for Christ during the judgment says: "Let them be wiped out of the book of the living ones."

    / You Know

  • terraly

    What? How does this relate to the imminent end of the world? I mean, it's kinda tied in to the typical "you're all gonna die die die die", but it doesn't say how (unless the Topic name has a scriptural fulfillment when God wipes us out with a hot frying pan). Maybe with some garlic and butter- oh and mushrooms. Mmmm...

  • larc

    You know,

    As a "thinking person", how do you know that the scripture in Psalms, that you mention in your first paragraph, has a broader application?

  • Undecided

    Hi YK,

    Welcome back. Now if we could get Bibleman back to expond the chronology and you the interpretation of far fetched scripture we would have it made. What was the last prediction you made that would start the battle, I forgot? Oh well, it doesn't matter you will just start another one pretty soon, and you may very well get lucky, as the world is in danger from so many different things now.

    Keep it coming YK, someday someone might really believe something you say.


    Ken P.

  • You Know
    You Know

    "how do you know that the scripture in Psalms, that you mention in your first paragraph, has a broader application?"

    Good question. It is obvious, in that when Jesus was killed he actually requested God not to charge that sin against them. But in the case of the broader fulfillment of the Psalm, as it pertains to those anointed ones who are guilty of sin, Christ asks Jehovah to blot the names of their persecutors out of the book of life. The difference between then and now, is because the broader application takes place during the tribulation, which is the judgment period. Of course, the Jewish system that was responsible for killing Jesus and persecuting his apostles and other first century disciples eventulaly met up with Jehovah's judgments when they were steam-rolled by the Roman juggernaut in 70 CE. That really establishes a pattern for how it's going to end for the persecutors of Jehovah's people in the modern era.

  • Francois

    Christ, here we go again with the broader applications and the types and anti-types and the regular and the de-caffinated. Surely you have something better to do than engage is this utterly futile mental masturbation?

  • Tallyman


    I'll make a prediction.

    Since you signed up as a member here on Friday the 13th
    I predict you will have Bad Luck!

    Your picture: did you blow out your wrist typing all those Failed Predictions? Is it called KultKarpelTunnel Syndrome?

  • larc

    You know,

    That was a clear as mud. I thought the Christians were destroyed by the Romans right along with the Jews. Does that mean that the Jews were bad and were destroyed, and the Christians were good were destroyed? Sure makes sense to me. Now this broader application, how do you know it will happen during the great tribulation?

    Larc (of the caffinated class)

  • You Know
    You Know

    You are confused evidently. The Christians were not destroyed when the Romans razed Jerusalem in 70 CE. Although the Romans certainly killed Christians, the Christians, at least the ones that believed and obeyed Jesus, got out of town when the Romans first surrounded the city and then withdrew in 66CE.

    As for your question: " how do you know it will happen during the great tribulation?"

    There are a couple of indicators that point to the time of tribulation. First, the Psalm refers several times to Jehovah's anointed ones sinking down in a mire do to a "flood." Elsewhere among the prophets, most notably Daniel and Isaiah, reference is made to Jehovah's executioner "flooding" Jehovah's place of worship as well as the world as a whole. Daniel also specifically referred to the Jewish holocaust of 70 CE, likening it to a flood. Secondly, the expression about being "wiped out of the book" has reference to the final judgment of Jehovah. Revelation, as well as Daniel, make reference to a book of life with the names finally being written down of those who remain faithful to God. So, while God's book of rememberance is written in pencil, the fact that names are even symbolized as being written down has to do with Jehovah's final judicial decisions regarding each individual.

    / You Know

  • Carmel

    oh bobby, the "body of christ"? I always thought that was the "Ass-em-belly" of God!

    you know you may belong to the wrong fundy bunch..


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