Japan On High Alert

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    Do Koreans eat a lot of kimchi?.....Sylvia


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Do Koreans eat a lot of kimchi?

    I had to look it up but I knew it was worth it!

  • snowbird

    Highest Alert for what KJU may decide to do with his nukes.


  • snowbird

    Kimchi is good stuff.


  • cofty

    North Korea doesn't have a viable nuclear weapon yet. To be useful it has to be small enough to be delivered on a missile. That is one of the challenges they are making progress with. The other is developing a missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear missile to a distant target. They are making rapid progress with that. They could already hit some of the neighbours and it won't be long before they could hit the USA.

    The history of it is that Russia gave them nuclear reactor technology that can be used to produce weapons-grade material. Pakistan sold them missile technology.

    Something has to be done. Kim Jong-un is unhinged. The whole country is one big personality cult. He is surrounded by yes-men and anybody who disagrees with him is publicly executed. Hatred for the west - USA in particular - is the central tenet of the cult.

    China was the "honest broker" but there are reports that the Chinese ambassador was refused an audience with his NK counterpart this week.

    NK cannot be allowed to possess a viable nuclear weapon. They danger that they will use it preemptively is too great.

    Nobody seems to know how to prevent it though. It is estimated that a conventional military intervention against NK could cost a million lives. There is no easy answer. I also grew up during the Cold War. We have seen all manner of crises come and go. This one actually has potential to be different.

  • snowbird

    Thanks, Cofty; AMEN.


  • little_Socrates

    Kim Jong-un used nerve gas to kill his half brother in a crowded Airport.... yea I think we need to be paying attention.

  • snowbird

    I feel sorry for whomever will be held responsible for the latest failed launch.


  • bohm

    Cofty: With viable nukes which they have, miniaturization and mounting them on missiles is only a question of time. The figure I have heard is 5-10 years and in addition to that, there are other ways to deliver nukes. The only way I think it can be solved is diplomatically, and that is very doubtful NK will budge and at any rate, Trump is the least likely person to broker anything.

    In addition to this, there is a good chance DPRK may be looking for a war and may have the ability to win it (win is in this context defined as taking a few of the northern provinces of SK)... that is why I don't think there are serious plans to do anything. It isn't like Iran where their reaction to an airstrike can be expected to be constrained, DPRK may well go all out apeshit with hundreds of thousands of troops storming SK.

  • Finkelstein

    Be aware of country leaders with ridiculous hairstyles


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