In the model prayer, why wasn't God name used ?

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  • nojw86

    When Jesus taught his followers how to pray why wasnt the name of God used in the model prayer. Our father in the heavens, let your name be sancitied. With so many people and religions in the world how many would have known the name of God if it were used in that popular prayer. JUst a thought. nojw

  • VeniceIT

    Because Jesus intorduced us to a whole new relationship with Jehovah. He wasn't just a God any more, but they're heavenly father, which was a relationship the Isrealites had never had with him. Jehovah's name wasn't EVER mentioned in the NT at all.


  • willy_think

    because the name Jehovah wasn't made up, by a catholic, for another 300 years.

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  • stephenw20

    perhaps the "father" would be a bit irritated. as most Earthly fathers would be if their kids called them by their first name.....

    so the son when asked , out of respect and knowing how many would after him pray didnt want....... ANYONE get the call him by his name

    did the son ever say/mention his fathers NAME

  • outnfree

    In the new testament only Lord (kyrios) is used. That's why I DO like to have The Jerusalem Bible on hand. It never uses Jehovah/Yahweh in the NT. However, OT texts cited in the NT are italicized and referenced and if you go back to the OT it makes it clear whether "Lord" means "LORD" (the Almighty Yahweh) or "Lord" the Son (and Master). Kind of clears up the intent.

    As to why God's personal name wasn't used, I'm with Venice.


  • Yerusalyim

    Venice is pretty much right on it, that and the fact that God's name is SO SACRED that to use it in everyday speech is to profane His name. Jesus would have not been received at all had he gone around using the divine name. the closest he ever comes to it is when he used the divine name for himself in John 8 when he said "Before Abraham existed, I AM. Took the Jews a few minutes to figure it out, he did it several times. When the implication became clear they tried to stone him.

    Yeru of the calling him Abba class

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  • Fredhall

    Plato taught others that God did not have a name. So, when Jesus walked the earth, he run into fools like YOU apostates he told them that God had a name and we should use it.

  • willy_think


    what????? it's plato's fault? jesus did say the name of god??

    oh, fred man, come back

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  • crossroads

    Do you think the Almighty has an ego? The FATHER wanted
    his son's OUR LORD and SAVIORS name JESUS exalted
    over all others.

  • Mulan

    What child calls his father by his given name? (okay, I know some do, but usually they don't) The close relationship of a child to his father, and even an adult to their father, is evident by the endearment used, or title, whatever you want to say. I call mine, Dad. Some say Papa, or Daddy, no matter how old they are. My mother used to tell me that "it's only an illegitimate child who doesn't know his father's name." I can add to that. An illegitimate child might well know his father's name but is not allowed to use the term, Dad or Father, but may HAVE to call him by his given name. A true child can use the endearment. Case closed!

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