Disfellowshipped for celebrating Xmas?

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  • brandnew

    Ask geoffrey jackson......oh wait !!! Thats not his field .

    Mad Puppy

  • smiddy

    You can always beat them to the punch by DA yourselves from the cult , in other words you DF them .


  • talesin
    They will just say it is not a "real" recording or transcript. It's photo shopped or fake. That's what was said here by a local Eldub.

    DOC - precisely.

    This was the response when I presented the facts (and the web locations) to my parents about the UN library card. One of their best elder friends owned a PC business; one of their close family members is a programmer, and they had easy access to the facts, but no dice. It was all a lie, and they wouldn't even bother checking, because it could not be true.


    Q. Why is showing facts to a Jehovah's Witness like banging your head against a brick wall?

    A. Because it feels so good when you stop.

    mwah haha!


    smiddy - No, I am breaking up with you. : P

  • DesirousOfChange

    TALS, You cannot force a horse to water.

    They cannot accept TTATT until they are ready to do so. I am the "poster child" for that principle. It was there. It should have been obvious. But........I just did NOT want to accept the TRUTH at that time. I made (lame) excuses. I said it was not a "critical" doctrine and did not matter. Fact is, I was my greatest foe when it came to deluding myself.


  • talesin


    Yes, I realize that. When I was first on the DB, it was very exciting that I had evidence. The UN thing was news to me as well. I was like, WOW!

    We had an agreement - they would not shun me, as long as I didn't bring up the religion. That was for years. But now, now I had evidence!

    So, I tried. Once. That was over 10 years ago. You have to try at least once. : )

  • Landy

    The rule of thumb used to be that if local people still viewed you as a witness then the elders would be involved.

    That's one of the reasons a too slow fade can be a bad idea - if you go to occasional meetings to keep family happy or go to the memorial every year then you will still be viewed as a witness.

  • talesin


    Many of these things are decided, as already pointed out, by the local BOE. I have not set foot in a KH since the day my mother threw me out at age 18 (because I didn't believe it, and refused to attend meetings - I had done nothing 'wrong'). For a couple of years, they tried to get me to go to the Memorial, and the ASSemblies, and I refused. Then, they sicced the elders on me.

    This was years ago. It's all relative to where you live, which congo you're in, and who you are. You'll see all different versions of how people were left alone, or hunted down. It's Looney-Tunes! : )

  • freddo


    Nice catch about Geoffrey Jackson at the ARC. - Welcome by the way.

    Problem is knowing how the org works this is how I think it would play out.

    Local elders: "... celebrating Xmas Freddo ... D/f'd"

    Freddo: "Look what GJ said - here's the transcript!"

    L/E: (taking transcript) "Hmmm, let's think about this."

    They scurry off to phone "mother" at the branch.

    After a few days of to'ing and fro'ing branch will come back and say to L/E

    "Well GJ was talking generally. He was being as cautious as a serpent but as innocent as a dove. Each case is different. Is Freddo causing "divisions"? Is leaving him be going to "protect the flock" or will it "embolden others as to badness"? Is there anything else he has said or done that might be very understandably be misconstrued as apostasy? Hmmmm? Think carefully? But it is your decision. (And the CO is making assignments for the upcoming assembly and you wouldn't want to sully your opportunity for that privilege would you? Hmmmm? OK I added that bit!) Will your decision "root out evil"?

    You have a good day my brothers! Jehovah's blessing on your deliberations."

  • Lostandfound

    Anytime soon a couple of elders will drop by with Memorial invite.

    Just getting cctv on front door so I can see who s there and ignore THEM

    I remember a Sister counselling my wife that "surely she does not blame Jehovah?" To which she replied "Well you do by saying leave it in Jehovah's hands" The issue was child abuse.

    I do not doubt we are an embarrassment to the org, only thing stopping elders pursuing us, or the opposite, is the presence of a CO with delusions of grandeur. I have no doubt one will turn up.

  • ToesUp

    "You just want to live your life and move on but even when you leave they are not done with you are they? "

    There are different types of Elders: The ones who know that they now need to leave you the hell alone, the lazy elders who only care about checking off the box that they tried visiting/calling you, to keep the CO off their ass. The Elders that know this is a crock of sh*t and are happy you are out. Then there is the vindictive, power hungry Elders who will try and go after you and finish you off. We had a close relative that tried this. It's amazing the tactics they will try using. If you know what they are up to before they even try, you can have a little fun with them. I did...it was great!

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