Disfellowshipped for celebrating Xmas?

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  • Theburstbubble

    Hi Everyone,

    I could really do with some advice on what's acceptable when you leave. We have left of our own accord about 6 months ago. We didn't celebrate Xmas this year but have just celebrated my daughters birthday.

    A friend of mine who is still a witness told me that an elder had approached her and asked if we had celebrated Xmas and that if we did it was a DF offence as is classed as apostasy! Is this true? Has anyone been DF for this? What's an appropriate timeframe to be able to start to celebrate the holidays? I was thinking a year anyway, but do any ex-elders have a definitive answer on this?


  • Theburstbubble
    Another ex-witness told me there was a two year rule and after that they would leave you alone...anyone heard of that?
  • LisaRose
    Yes, you can be disfellowshipped for celebrating Christmas. I don't know if there is a time frame.
  • Khaleesi
    Yes that is correct, they view it as a form of apostasy... not sure about time frames...
  • talesin
    Another ex-witness told me there was a two year rule and after that they would leave you alone...anyone heard of that?

    They are wrong. There is no time limit if you are baptized. Whether or not they come after you, is up to the local BOE and maybe the CO.

  • Theburstbubble
    This stupid religion does my head in. You just want to live your life and move on but even when you leave they are not done with you are they? I think it does seem to depend on who you elders are. We're trying to keep a low profile anyway but logically if you leave the religion why on earth would you uphold their restrictions? What's funny is my friend said the elder said the org were 'clamping down' on people who leave. I can understand why though as its much better for them to cut us out so we can't sway anyone else with logical thinking!
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Hello TBB-

    The following advise was well received on a previous thread -


    you have constitutional rights to freedom of religion, expression, belief and association,

    I have advocated at various times on this site, that those wishing freedom from this or any cult should simply exercise their rights by making a written, dated, declaration of their personal religious freedom to a trusted friend or counselor/lawyer. Do this while you are still in "good standing".

    It is you alone that decides what faith if any that you chose to practice and you are free to abandon any faith at any time, for any reason, without interference.

    You have already ceased presenting yourself as a JW by fading from the cults meetings, commenting to espouse their propaganda and sharing in their public displays of activity - DO NOT be drawn back under the ecclesiastic authority of the congregation by allowing them to meet with you! ( the elders manual states that agreeing to meet with them affirms your acceptance of the congregations authority) DON'T DO IT!

    Let them be the last to know that you have already acted in accordance with your legal rights and that any actions then taken after that fact (ie.against a non-member) will be to invite prosecution.

    The link above discusses how Norman Hancock sued the Mormons for similar interference of his rights - enjoy

  • talesin

    I know. They came after me, years later. My family pushed for them to pursue it, I think, in hopes that DFing me would make me come back. haha, WRONG.

    But yeah, it kinda feels like your head is gonna explode, right?

    They are also 'clamping down' on JW relatives who talk to DF family members. : (



  • freddo

    OK, ex-elder here.

    Yes Xmas - not cuz it's Jesus birthday two and a half months late but because it's happy Saturnalia, pagan see? - will get you DF'd.

    Timescale? As Talesin said.

    The guideline "we" as in whenever the elders had a school or the CO would "clarify" the elder guidelines was 2 to 3 years of inactivity before you might get a "leave it in Jehovah's hands" if you aren't causing a stir in the congregation.

    So my advice would be - don't put up lights, flashing Santa or a fir tree in your living room if you are living in an area where you were known as an active jw. Ever. Because someone will be "stumbled" of course.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    That's their goal, "cut you out" officially. If you are inactive the remaining members can still talk to you. If you are DF"d then they are banned and your influence is nil. So long as a witness knows who you are and they still refer to you as "inactive" you are still under the auspices of the local congregation from their perspective. When enough time passes that no one knows you were a witness or member of the local congregation you will be OK. It could be years. That's why many ex witnesses move so as to get out from the radar. It sucks I know. You might have to bite the bullet and tell them to drop dead.

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