How Will Armageddon Begin?

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  • prologos

    regardless of what the bible says, I believed Armageddon would be triggered at the very beginning of a MAD nuclear exchange. Before any targets are hit.

  • Chook

    On a Wednesday morning from JW HQs . Big Anthony Morris will recall his Vietnam days but now have the GOD GUN . Visions of grandeur will fill the coffee room , get on the horses boys.

  • wizzstick

    3. Nations of the world turn on religion. ( Again; not happening tomorrow.)

    What's interesting about this idea is what happens when you take 'Christendom' off the table and try to imagine this happening with what's left.

    Take the next biggest faith - Islam.

    Even with the thought that 'God' has put it into the minds of the Nations that make up the UN to attack religions, how exactly do you attack Islam? It isn't structured in the way the churches are. There isn't a Vatican to attack or a General Synod. Structurally it's much flatter. You have the mosques or masjid (which are very simple buildings, not laden with gold for the nations to 'eat up the fleshy parts') and muslims will quickly tell you they don't have to worship in a building called a mosque. Every clean, proper place is masjid for muslims.

    So with those thoughts in mind, how do you attack 1.6 billion people?

    It's an insane idea when you think about it.

    Then you realise that actually what the WT means by attacking religions is attacking 'Christendom'.

    This is just their own revenge fantasy for all the ridicule they've suffered from the churches.

    Oh dear.

  • slimboyfat

    How will it begin? If Trump gets elected that's how it will begin.

  • Bobcat

    You might want to start from a fresh point of view. The OP's question is flawed to begin with. (Not blaming the OP for that - nor is even the WT the originator of the flaw.)

    Rev 16:16 describes Armageddon as a place (Gk topos - from which we get "topography"). You usually do not speak of, 'when does some place begin.' Although, sometimes events (including battles) are referred to by the name of the place they occurred (Waterloo, Normandy, et al).

    The context of Rev 16 has 'kings and their armies' gathered to a place (vs. 16), then God saying 'it is finished' (vs. 17), then a series of events occur (vss. 18-21). (All/each of the events are preceded by "and" (Gk kai - a conjunction), in a pattern that looks much like a rhetorical device called polysyndeton. Each conjunction in the list separates each item.

    As an example of one of the WT's flaws in interpretation, they take the first phrase of Rev 16:19 ("And the great city was split/became into three") and say it is describing the third phrase of that same verse ('And Babylon the Great was handed the cup of God's wrath'). Under the rhetorical device of polysyndeton, each of these phrases would be an event separate from the other.

    In other words, Armageddon is a "place" where several related (as a result of God's saying 'it is finished') events occur. Using the following descriptive explanations in Rev chapters 17-19, the "war" that occurs, as described in Rev 19:11-21, equates with the metaphors described in Rev 16:20, 21. (Where the removal of mountains and islands (Rev 16:20) would picture the defeat of the kings and their armies in Rev 19:19, 20, and the people being pelted with hailstones (Rev 16:21) would equate with 'the rest being killed off' in Rev 19:21.

    The 'kings and their armies being gathered to Armageddon' would occur before God has said "it is finished."

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Mr Quick---

    " Keep in mind that during this last generation,"

    err--do you mean overlapping last generation , brother ?

  • 2+2=5

    It begins with Trump being elected President of the USA

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    According to WTBTS/JW dogma, Armageddon will be triggered via "an attack on Babylon the Great" (every religion except J.W.'s) by the world's governments, thereby causing a "greater fulfillment"of the great tribulation which Jesus described at Matthew 24:21.

    According to the Bible, the great tribulation of Revelation 7:14 is a reference to the tribulation spoken of earlier at Revelation 2:22 - one which is directed solely at corrupt elders/Christians throughout Christianity. No other religions are involved. Just as 1st Peter 4:17 says, "The judgement starts first with the house of God."

  • notsurewheretogo

    The answer is won't begin...the bible version is fantasy...much like everything else in the bible.

    Live your life with no fear of an angry god raining down ain't happening.

  • Vidiot

    wizzstick - "...This is just their own revenge fantasy for all the ridicule they've suffered from the churches."

    Ironic, considering they brought most of that ridicule on themselves.

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