Last Week I Got A Call From An Elder I Haven't Seen In 20 Years...😳

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  • tor1500


    Add on, reminds me of a male that someone dated a long time ago and they call you....out of the blue...and what's funny they think that person hasn't changed or moved on because at that moment, they had to reach out...

    Mimimus, I don't know if that is your real name, but if it is..not to say you are not worthy of a call from someone you met years ago, but if he has a phone book, you are listed under M....wonder if he called everyone from A to & you were the only one to pick up..

    He is 70....hang in there with him....he may know be continued.....I hope...

    Minimus, I like your comments...


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm inclined to agree with Magnum.

    Min, you're a good guy, and the man may be reaching out for some kind of comfort, and if he behaves himself and doesn't blame YOU for the failure of HIS religion, I know you can help him.

    Is Minimus your real name? Why SURE it is -- as far as we know!

  • minimus

    LOL yes minimus is my first name but I'll never tell you my last name.

  • minimus

    When people who were in the organization say I heard you're no longer in the truth, that tells me that they are very much in. Either that or they are so indoctrinated that they do not understand how they sound anyone that is not a Jehovah's Witness.

  • kpop

    How many years have you been out of the cult?

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