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  • tepidpoultry

    Schnell: Me too as my folks were jdubs but then again it was also due to

    the fact that the malt liquor made my Dad particularly randy that



  • baker

    These children are being exploited enuf to make them cry, no wonder a lot of people don't like any organized religion

  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape

    I'm doing great! Officially faded for two and half years! My Dad has faded as well! My mom and sister are still in but aren't shunning me, so that's cool. We aren't as close as we used to be but we still have a good relationship. I'm getting closer to finishing my degree and feelings of guilt are completely gone!

  • smiddy

    I read in the paper today that The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxys will colide but it wont happen until 4 or 5 thousand million years , so I dont think I will lose any sleep over it. NASA

  • baker

    Growing up I had to attend this king of service and I just deplored when they asked you to raise your hand and sway. I refused to copy all the other "Jesus Freaks" as they were called, and just watched. Its almost as if you were agreeing to everything the leader was saying if you raised your hand, and if you just stood there or sat there, you were looked upon as an outsider, a non-believer, someone to shun...other religions have their means of DA,d


  • smiddy

    Thats just a very very young child reacting to the music she is hearing nothing more.

  • steve2

    Music evokes deep emotions, swaying together escalates the emotion and then gyetting caught up in immediacy of the group dynamics can cause

    impressionable minds to succumb to almost anything the 'group' desires and/or expects. Collectively, this can create states of mass ecstasy. "Holy spirit" ain't needed to achieve these powerful states of mind and body.

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