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  • dubstepped

    I never really had any studies to speak of, but my parents did have many over the years, and every single one of them was batsh!t crazy in some way. There was one lady we kids affectionately termed "Dirty Robin" (her name was Robin) and yes, she was very dirty. Her kids were filthy and rarely wore clothes. My parents were dumb enough to let her in our house and she stole from us. She was dumber than a rock, but she played them, so who was the dumb one in the end?

    There was a couple on the same block as "Dirty Robin" who had demons. The wife was suicidal. I remember seeing things move in the house as a kid. It was super creepy in there and the people were super weird.

    One study my dad had would be naked sometimes when my dad would arrive. Another woman professed to have written many popular songs of Elvis and others and lived in nasty little apartment with her name and "songwriter" under it on a plaque on the door. She told my mom that we were such well behaved kids, so did she tie us in chairs when we were little? Sure, seems like a logical conclusion, lol.

    A few studies got deported, but I believe there were criminal circumstances that led to that. There were a few nice people that never took any of it really seriously but enjoyed the social aspect.

    So many years, so many hours spent, and not one person ever came into the religion. So many crazies did come into our lives though. How about you?

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was just a bible student myself, but I did meet many somewhat crazy JW's over those years! They all seemed to mean well, and I kept humoring them, even when they did make zany comments and express irrational fears and superstitions. I met some very nice people, and some real loony birds! ;)

    Your comments made me stop and think (again), about what made me such a good customer for the JW's who kept coming back. For me, I think it was both loneliness and curiosity, along with a desire to please others and have them like me. Never before the JW's came to the door, had I experienced such an effortless "friendship." I didn't have to call anyone, or go anywhere... they just came over every week!

    I'm definitely not normal, and I'm sure I provided some good gossip for them along the way (and even more when the whole thing hit the fan...) but I was never quite crazy or lonely enough to jump in the pool with them. They finally stopped answering my critical questions and gave up on us.

  • Dunedain

    I remember a few loonies over the years, that were studies of my parents too. A lot of them were just weird people, with odd circumstances. There were many drug users, many "loners" looking for friendships, and some that were "concerned" with the human plight, but were just odd balls.

    A lot of times, i would have to deal with these studies children, as i was dragged along to these studies by my parents. Btw, i am not going to make this about how shitty my parents as JW's were for doing this, because i love my parents and have no resentment for what they did, out of love for others, in the past. I am DF'd for almost 20 years and they are BOTH in my life, and talk to me like nothing ever happened. My parents are the old school, who are still in the Borg, but see the hypocrisy and are very much on the fringe and done with the WTS BS, its just they still "love" Jehovah, and i wont judge them, like they NEVER judged me.

    Anyway, back to the crazy studies, like i said, i was usually stuck with these crazy peoples, crazy kids. I was a mild tempered, low key kid. Never played rough with my toys, and shit like that. Well to me, these kids were "nuts", lol. I would have to endure being forced to wrestle for my 8 year old life in their rooms, and they were in shorts and a T-shirt, while i had a dress shirt,pants, and tie on, lol. Toys would be "whipped" at my head, markers drawn on my arms, books slammed on my head, lol. To my 8 year old mind, the homes and kids were sceavy, and dirty, and my breath would have to be held.

    I remember one house where the kids, who were like 3 and 5 years old, would literally beat up, there almost invalid 80 year old grandfather, and he would have like black eyes and bruises. One study, the husband and wife, must have gotten into domestic violence, during the week, and everytime we would go for the study the HUSBAND would have a new black eye. I remember a 4 year old kid "licking" my mothers arm, while she is "studying" with the kids mother. The study would be like, "OH its ok, he is just playing puppy dog, and wants to lick you", GROSS.

    I remember a study that was obssessed with my father. He would call him non-stop, my father would have to go to his house or parked car, and "save" him from a nervous breakdown. He was like suicidal and shit, and would always bug my father in his weekly schemes. My father would find him broken into my Dads car, and just sitting there for hours, before my Father found him. He would say, "I am sorry, i know i shouldnt be here, and have broken into your car, but i missed you, or i need to talk to you".

    Crazy stuff folks. I am sure i have more stories, i will think about it. Who knows, maybe i will ask my Dad next time i see him. He prob remembers more than me.

  • dubstepped

    @Faithful Witness : Don't worry, we know that the crazies were in the organization for sure. I knew tons of them. I probably was one in my own way. Heck, I dealt with a lot of depression and even suicidal thoughts at the hands of the Borg. I still need to write my story up and post it here now that I'm officially out with nothing to hide. Anyway yes, it is like the old saying, birds of a feather flock together. We drew a lot of crazies to us because we were crazy too.

    @Dunedain : Thanks for sharing your experiences too. And good for your parents for still talking to you. My wife and I just lost our families, in part because I stood up after years of shunning my DF'ed brother and decided that I could no longer do so. I too was a conservative kid that got stuck studying with wild kids at times. It wasn't much fun because they couldn't have cared less. I was essentially a babysitter so the parents could study together, kind of like it sounds like you ended up being at times. Great stories.

  • Dunedain

    @Dubstepped - Yeah, my parents are awesome human beings. They have even tried to apologize for raising me in the "truth", and i told them that i dont regret a thing, its all good. If i could not speak to them or they held the unloving "hard line", maybe i would feel diffrent. But i have a great relationship with them. My father and I have been business partners for over 20 years. Because of them NOT shutting me off, they get to have the wonderful privilege of knowing my 7 year old daughter, and having a relationship with her and my family.

    The best is, that a few years ago, the same jerk-off piece of shit Elder who DF'd me, and what a story i could tell about that(another time, maybe), he tried to talk to my father about his relationship with me being DF'd and all, and my Dad told him "where to go". It was awesome.

  • Syme

    The worst cases I remember from Bible studies (mine or others), are those when the subject was completely dumb, or knocking on heaven's door (i.e. extremely old age). Now that I look at it from a distance, I feel such sorrow and frustration that were harassing and exploiting those people, adding to their burdens instead of lifting them, in such an unethical manner, if not to say "immoral".

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    One family would rinse out cigarette butts from coffee cups with water to make us tea...two very clean special pioneer girls drank it with a concrete smile!! All for Jehovah. One woman would go to the next room to get her "bible" which was THE BEDROOM DOOR taken into the kitchen with verses scribbled in black texta. One guy revealed to us he was LAZARUS and Jesus had baptized him...we did not return. Ahhh my productive pioneer days...worth every penny.
  • freddo

    I remember a study my wife did and once in a while I would go with her. A simple elderly catholic woman who had never married and who lived in sheltered accommodation (a group of about 20 separate flats with older but pretty independent people who just needed the watchful eye of a live-in warden to make sure they took their meds, didn't leave gas on and had locked their doors at night etc).

    So this old girl starts telling us how the rest of the block's residents are running a laundry business and that they want her out so they can make more money by putting in one of their own kind.

    Of course we see no evidence but being young and naive we take her at her word and listen to her stories. As the weeks go by she tells us how she can hear all the machinery and the lorries coming and going but that when they see us coming they all go silent and pretend it's not happening.

    So I'm getting a bit concerned and offer to see the warden with her and she says don't do that she's in charge of it all and in league with "them Chinese".(who ran all the laundries in England I guess!)

    Anyway I insist and she gets on her knees and begs me not to because "they" will kill her and make her into glue! Obviously the poor old girl was losing her marbles so I had a private word with the warden (a pleasant lady in her 50's) anyway who smiled and said that the year before she was accused by "our study" of murdering nuns and selling their body parts to medical science.

    Sadly about a month later the study got pneumonia and we visited her in hospital but she passed away. Tragic really.

    I wonder if they boiled her up for glue after all?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I had one study who became a witness. He had intense OCD causing panic attacks. I would get calls at 1 am where he was having a panic attack. He worked in a fast food place and was convinced he got a drop of blood in someone's food from a scratch or small cut and was freaked Jehober would destroy him at the big "A". I had to talk him down. It was exhausting. Eventually he pio-nerd for awhile. (Just like his teacher, lol) He faded the whole Witness thing. Nice guy but really effected.

    I didn't have a lot of tolerance for crazies. Always passed them on to others more "empathetic", actually "desperate" for a study. I knew they wouldn't last long and would take gallons of gas to hunt down. Wasn't worth it.

  • Virgochik
    When I was a toddler, my parents studied with an elderly couple living in a tiny Airstream trailer parked out in the country by the corn fields. They had a problem with rats, big ones, chewing holes in the walls inside the trailer. Occasionally one would be seen running across the room. I wonder now what my parents were thinking, bringing a child inside that place. You had to keep your feet up on the couch too, because there were these rodents scurrying around, and fleas too! The husband spit tobacco juice in a can and the place was just filthy. They just wanted company, and I think the study was eventually dropped but that I don't remember.

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