Zalkin Law Firm flooded with calls from ex-JWs

by Roger Kirkpatrick 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Roger Kirkpatrick
    Roger Kirkpatrick

    Yesterday, I posted a question for a friend in Texas as to whom he should contact to report sexual abuse from the 1960s by a JW pioneer/elder who is now deceased. (Incidentally, there are plenty of people who are still alive and in the organization who were very aware of the circumstances and who can be summoned to give testimony regarding these accusations.) So, my friend called the Zalkin Law Firm. The woman who took his call told him that they have been flooded with calls from former JWs since the statute of limitations was lifted, and that they have had to triple the number of paralegals and office staff just to handle the influx of calls. She told my friend to be patient, that it may take a month or more before he hears back from an attorney. This is wonderful news to all who love seeing WT having to account for its flawed policies which allowed such abuse to flourish for decades.

  • Vidiot

    Holy crap, at this rate, Zalkin's gonna have to take on extra staff... this shit's practically making his career.

    Oh, oh, oh, I just thought of something...

    ...court case losers typically have to pay the winner's legal fees, right?

    Wouldn't it be a kick in the balls if Zalkin's earnings from all the WT's payouts end up putting his kids through Law School, and they picked up that torch?

  • sir82

    To the lackey hired by the WTS to monitor this site who is reading this right now:

    Hey, could you let us know the expressions on the faces of the WT legal dept. when you tell them this? We'd love to hear about it.

  • ToesUp

    Karma's a bitch!

  • LV101

    Sounds like Zalkin has already had staff increases - WOW! WT lawyers losing their digs (London) and San Diego real estate soaring because of Zalkin. It's like when the original MGM Grand caught on fire in LV -- the big hitter personal injury lawyer counted multi millions in a day and had to lease extra buildings/offices and hire floors of lawyers/staff. Unreal!

    I'm so happy the exJWs - PIMOs/whatever have Zalkin to turn to. This is beautiful!

    Zalkin's earnings will make law school tuition look like chunk change.

  • Biahi

    May the force be with Irwin Zalkin and staff 😁

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Hey, could you let us know the expressions on the faces of the WT legal dept. when you tell them this?

    I would love to see Stephen Lette's already rubber-faced contorted looks take on even more deformity!🤣

  • zeb

    "had to triple the number of paralegals and office staff".. WOW!

    thanks RK..

    I hope they have good security to prevent a .."fire" at the offices. I say this as when millions $$$ are involved nothing would surprise me..

  • Crazyguy2

    It sucks that victims of abuse is how the cult will go down but it’s also good that this will greatly increase the demise of the cult. Sure the ones in will mostly stay do to their persecution complex but many will leave and the public will definitely know what a fu”k up cult the JWs are. This will be the greatest news around the world. Jws are a pedophile paradise this is what the public will know and what they will remember!

  • punkofnice
    LV101 - Zalkin has already had staff increases - WOW! WT lawyers losing their digs

    Mene mene tekle and parsnips.

    I've watched a few of the press conferences and it's interesting to see how this is shaping up. Zalkin reminds me very much of my Dad to look at, so you can imagine how weird watching him is to me.

    Anyway. I am hoping this will really bring down the cult but I'm not counting my chickens. Zalkin says he is patience. Actually, I don't because I'm eager to see this crush Watchtower.

    I just feel that the govbod will slither out of this somehow.

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