North and South Korea making up will start JWs saying the cry of Peace and Security is here

by Isambard Crater 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • kairos

    I hope there is peace, but...

    If North Korea does something stupid, the US and allies strike will be so overwhelming, precision and devastating ( non nuclear ) that the entire event will be over in 24 hours.

    Peace would be better.

  • Simon

    I thought they'd done this sort of publicity trick before at other Olympics?

  • no-zombie

    This is politics 101 - You never listen to what politicians say; you only what that they do (and what they have done).

    And a very quick examination of NK reveals a leader who literally starves his whole nation to build his nuclear weapons. One that has assassinated close family and friends to remove the risk of political rivalry ... and made his country into a export center for the industrialized production of crystal meth and human trafficking.

    So based on these very brief facts, when any problem that arrives in the near future, what could threaten his personal power, what will Kim Jong Un's natural reaction be?

    I'll leave it to you to answer it ... but as you to reflect on the truism of Jeremiah 13:23


  • Finkelstein

    Look at my smile, does that look like a face of a ruthless dictator ?

  • smiddy3

    I wonder how many of the North Koreans will apply for political Asylum after tasting some "western" freedoms/democracy and how north Korea will re- act then ?

  • purrpurr

    Thb I haven't heard any dubs mention the old peace and security thing since the 90's. Not sure why?

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