sacramento elder caught!

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  • the mole
    the mole

    ***the mole*** a sacramento elder caught. he steps down his position this last thursday. It has come to our attention of a coverup that the brother in one of our kingdom halls this last week had stepped down for sleeping with another woman. this was no woman. it has come to my knowledge that this young girl was only 17 and the elder and her and been seeing each other for almost two years.. the parents knew something was not right that they both seemed to hang out alot doing vacations with his family. elders wife suspicious and leaves husband when she walked in to find the two embraced in a heated kiss. the parents of the girl shocked that wife called them and told of the activities of both. the parents told not to get involved this was a judicial matter for the kingdom hall only..i inquired why has not the police been told and the elder jailed for statutory rape being that he is 34 years old?..parents advised going against god if they alert the police and will bring shame to the organization and their local hall...i hope this generate letters to the organization and to the kingdom halls in sacramento..............****the mole***

  • email

    Thanks for the update... can you post the news article when and if this goes public?... (or maybe you can help make it go public )

  • Mulan

    It may not be statutory rape in California. In Washington State, the girl has to be under 16 for that to apply.

    Shocking anyway. We've probably all heard worse. I hope it hits the news!!!

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    In my state he might only have convicted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor if he kept her out past curfew without parental consent or served he alcoholic beverages.

    Here 16 is legal to sleep with for some odd reason. When my sister was 16 my parents got the guy for contributing to a delinquency to a minor only. It was pretty sick to me but so many teens claim to be older and sometimes look older that the law was changed.

    Hope your region of the country is different and someone reports it to the child abuse hot line.

    This is such a sad case. Here a supposed spiritual leader who could have been a real positive influence on the girl became her parent’s worst nightmare!

    Beyond sad and sick.


  • JH

    The light is getting brighter every day.

  • Buster

    Sometimes this place feels like a train wreck. It feels like I jumped off before it happened, but I'm stuck watching carload after carload of people just piling into the mess. Know what? that girl is at an age where, if the parents don't press it, and the girl doesn't press it, that even if it gets very public, it will never go forward to criminal prosecution. I wish I was wrong - and hope to read a newspaper article that says so. But even if the girl doesn't think so now, someday she will realize that that preadator was a rapist, even if she now thinks she wanted it all along.

    Mole, if it does get public and makes the papers, yes, please do post it.


  • outnfree

    the mole,

    If you are able to do so, please inform the girl's parents that they are required by federal law to report the molestation of their daughter to the authorities. If she's 17 now, 2 years ago = 15, right?

    And if you know so much about it, are YOU tipping off the authorities, at least anonymously?



  • Tatiana
    Sometimes this place feels like a train wreck. It feels like I jumped off before it happened, but I'm stuck watching carload after carload of people just piling into the mess

    Buster....I read this three times. What a statement. No one could have said it better.


  • SloBoy

    I believe in the state of Cal. it is statuatory rape IF either party is under 18 and the other party is at least 10 years older. Does this situation fit this criteria?

  • Maverick

    Why don't they grab the guy and smash his thingy between two flat rocks and call it even! Maverick

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