Funny ex-jw memes

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  • baldeagle

    MightyV8 you are killing me in this meme battle we are having. I am sitting here roaring with laughter and pissing myself over the sheer stupidity of JW beliefs and how easily they can be lampooned.

    What in blazes were we thinking being in this infantile and ridiculous religion?

  • MightyV8

    bald eagle

    Arrr geez now you have given me another word to Google haha

    Don't worry you have some really good ones that get me laughing out loud too

    Yes, you are right what were we thinking obviously we were not using our brains back then.

    As you well know a lot of them are not mine.

    I like changing the watchtower ones they are fun to play around with special the older mags.

    Sometimes I sit on a thought for days then it hits me. The sparlock ones I enjoy the most.

    I was thrilled to see someone has posted some of my original ones on Pinterest good to know someone really likes my kind of humour that was a nice buzz wish I knew who so I can thank them.

    The funny part is watchtower gives us heaps to work with.

    Well if anyone is going to hell for mockery it's you and me haaaaaaa

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    "We can't understand you, no one here speaks Assholian"

    Ok that's my new favorite.

  • MightyV8
  • MightyV8
  • MightyV8

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