I guess the latest WT killed any hope of US jws growing beards.

by Crazyguy 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Crazyguy

    In my area I'd guess 30% of the men maybe more have some kind of beard. This craps gotta wake up somebody still in!

  • Fisherman
    So, if beards are not a df offense, what do you think would happen to a jw that came to KH with one?
  • steve2

    Could you provide some reference so those of us with limited internet access will have a better idea of which Watchtower magazine you are talking about? many thanks, Steve.

  • schnell

    I went to an assembly with one. It defied the social identity pressure, so people thought it was weird. One girl with tattoos on her neck looked at me like I was the only normal person there. Likewise, tattoo girl. Likewise.

  • smiddy

    I went to an assembly once sporting a well groomed beard , and I over- heard a couple of witness kids discussing my beard ,one said to the other "he must be a newly interested person "

    It wasnt long after when the pressure came to bear to shave it off.

    I havent shaved it off in the past 20+ years .

    Some people die with their boots on

    I`ll die with my beard on

  • schnell

    Right there with ya, smiddy! And I grew my beard when I read 30 Years a Watchtower Slave and got to the chapter about Rutherford telling the Bethel coordinator in Germany to "cut that thing off." I'm quite proud and surprised at myself for it. I didn't think it would come in this thick.

  • tepidpoultry

    It's amusing to think that the Guy in charge of the UNIVERSE cares whether I have a beard or not, Honestly, maybe when he's not critiquing my socks lol, quite touching really, I would have thought Him too busy, :0)

  • Thisismein1972

    So in every single publication just about every first century "Christian" had beards, this includes Jesus. The watchtower proclaims to be a footstep follower of Jesus. So if anyone is "stumbled" by a brother wearing a beard, there is one simple explanation. I wear a beard because I am a footstep follower of Jesus, and point out the many publications that illustrates not only Jesus, but also his apostles wearing beards.

    There is no argument to be had here, the watchtower cannot simply forbid beards if they do not follow by example. Besides, the only reason they try to forbid beard wearing is because they want their salespeople to look clean cut on the outside. Fortunately most people realise these days that this is a false presentation to try and recruit more slaves to the watchtower.

  • alanv

    A link to the article in the magazine, would be helpful.

  • zeb

    So what is it about beards? is it "worldly"? Then lets see a convention talk about women who shave their........ legs..

    (hmm what scriptures would the wt use...?) Beards is another perennial topic they bring up when they have nought else to do. As they say in the media when there is a slow news day. I grew a beard because I got sick of shaving!

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