New Trey Bundy Article Discusses "Theocratic Warfare"

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  • smiddy

    Looking at the fact that the WTB&TS in Australia admitted in the Royal Commission that 1006 cases of alleged child sex abuse allegations were conducted by a judicial committee of 3 Elders in each case over a period of 65 years , which would mean at the very least 3018 Elders had knowledge of these allegations and not one of them contacted child protection authorities or the police that a crime had been committed .

    Sometimes more than one congregation would be involved in these J.C. `s . , that`s why I say at least 3018 Elders would be aware of these crimes.

    If a crime is committed by someone and you know about it and don`t report it are you not complicit in the crime ?

    Aren`t you guilty of aiding and abetting a crime ? by remaining silent about it ?

    Shouldn`t these ones then be prosecuted for their failure to act on the child`s behalf ? The Clergy confessional clause does not apply to J.W.`s on two accounts , 1. They claim they have no Clergy class and 2. Multiple people are made aware of the proceedings , and not a confidential discussion between one Minister and a confessor.

    The J.W. congregation is not made aware of a potential sex abuser in their midst , nor is the general public protected from a potential sex abuser calling at their door in their house to house ministry .

    It is not the role of any Elder`s in a congregation to determine these things it is a matter for the law ,the police or child protection services., who were denied this opportunity to discharge their duties.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses are not alone in failing in this regard , the common denominator seems to be "protect the image of the organization" and cover this up...

    The law must be changed to make it a criminal offence to fail to report such allegations to the relevant authority .


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I can't help but think that Trey's investigations might play into what's happening now with WT. In his interview in February he said that he had contacted the Dept of Justice re: the 24,000 child abuse cases that came to light in the Lopez case last year. I wonder if there is something happening related to that...

    Great connection, Homebythesea!

  • Vidiot

    smiddy - "...the common denominator seems to be 'protect the image of the organization' and cover this up..."

    At first glance, yes.

    However, if that were really the goal, any leadership with half a brain would have immediately reported the abuses to the authorities, so as to maintain its reputation as honest, law-abiding, and respectful of said authorities; arguably a far superior way of truly "protecting the image of the organization".

    The fact that the WT leadershiop did not, over and over again, suggests something deeper and darker...

    ...namely, that they themselves have ugly skeletons in their own respective personal closets that they cannot afford to have exposed.

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