New Trey Bundy Article Discusses "Theocratic Warfare"

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  • freemindfade

    I think its less about "praise" Steve2, and more about volume of information available to be found by those frustrated with their cult, who may come across something like this that could wake them up.

    Don't forget you were once a witness too no? An honest person frustrated by the cult may not criticize this information in the same way you just have, but see the information contained in it that validates their doubts.

    Also yes this recaps the ARC a bit, when I first started reading it I felt it was just a late article, but it does tie things together in a more global fashion, not separating the problem out by countries.

    chill out

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "Who ever said commsissions of inquiry were court proceedings trying specified offenders? No one that I am aware of."

    Not everybody reading the piece might make that distinction if they were unaware of the difference.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    I don't know how anyone with decent knowledge of Watchtower's inner workings could possibly believe Mr. Toole's testimony claiming ignorance of Watchtower's theocratic war strategy doctrine! The man worked for Watchtower's Service Department for nearly 10 years in a high capacity and during that very period Watchtower admits in written correspondence that the doctrine was then not only valid but currently practiced!!! Of course, the same letter exclaimed that Watchtower did not want this particular doctrine to become a subject of general discussion among "the brothers".


  • steve2

    steve2 - "Who ever said commsissions of inquiry were court proceedings trying specified offenders? No one that I am aware of."

    Not everybody reading the piece might make that distinction if they were unaware of the difference.

    Fair enough. All the more reason for the article to have spelt out what role a royal commission does have in making recommendations that advance the development of policies that may go through readings by parilaimentary select committees and eventually be passed into legislation that has legal clout (which even is undoubtedly feeling nervous about).

    It would be helpful if the article had provided that level of helpful information which would be an advance on the Australian coverage - because of several occasions people have naively asked, "What's the use of a commission of inquiry when its findings cannot be enforced?"

  • HomebytheSea
    Steve2, I think Trey's main point was to tie together different occurrences where "theocratic warfare" was used by Bethel "heavy's" & the GB to lie before authorities, calling into question their overall credibility and widespread use of lies to protect paedophiles. Since the ARC didn't get the same publicity in the US, it is still new information to many, and since we don't have an RC in the US, many of us wouldn't know what type of authority an RC actually has.
  • flipper
    Very well written article. WT leaders lie like dogs. And they train elders to lie like dogs. As John Lennon once stated, " Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you off your feet. " I personally hope Instant Karma in a negative way knocks WT officials on their ass. That's what they really need. That- and to be thrown into prison for crimes against humanity
  • carla
    Thanks for posting the link!
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    But in a series of 2013 letters to Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders, Rod Francis, who was an elder in the North Fremont congregation in the 1990s when the abuse occurred, accused the three elders of lying under oath.

    None of the other elders, including myself were aware that a child sexual predator was in our midst even though the offender was in my book study,” he wrote. “Because of this the congregation and our own families were unable to be adequately protected resulting in catastrophic outcomes for other young girls and damage to my own family. These three brothers lied in court about this and much more.”

    So, during the Candace Conti case, you had three "brothers" sworn in, under oath "So help them God"... to not only tell "the" truth.... but the "whole truth." They swore they kept an eye on Jonathan Kendrick like a hawk, yet Rod Frances, an elder at that time... who had a bookstudy in his home that Jonathan attended, and the REST of the elders serving at that time had no clue that Jonathan was a child molester, as the 'honorable' 'truth teller' JW lawyer Jim McCabe purported at the trial.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Has anyone seen the letters that Rod Frances sent to the congregations in Fremont, stating that Abrahamson, Clarke and Lamerdin, "lied repeatedly, intentionally, with "malice" under oath"?

    Trey has included a link to them here:

  • HomebytheSea
    Thanks for posting, cha ching, I hadn't read that letter before. I can't help but think that Trey's investigations might play into what's happening now with WT. In his interview in February he said that he had contacted the Dept of Justice re: the 24,000 child abuse cases that came to light in the Lopez case last year. I wonder if there is something happening related to that...

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