Time to move on

by joelbear 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    Well most of its been fun guys and gals.

    But I'm outta here. I am much happier thinking about other things. I just realized that as long as I keep coming here I am still a slave of the Watchtower.

    Big Farewell Hugs

    you know where to find me www.joelbear.com

  • openminded

    Best of Luck to ya Joel. Keep on Keepin On.

  • Introspection

    Good for you Joel, best wishes.

  • logical

    Hip hip
    Hip hip
    Hip hip

    Oooops, that was meant for my farewell. Oh well.

  • eyes_opened

    Hey Joel,

    We will miss you here. I will be sure to visit you at your site now and then. Take care!



  • bigboi

    Hey joelbear:

    I'm sorry to hear you say you're going to leave the site. I understand that this is something you feel you need to do and i support that. My feelings are a little confused when stuff like this happens. i know people have to do what they think is right and what best suites them so don't get me wrong. I'm not crticizing your decision. I just think that those fools in the Tower injected with some kind of bridge-burning serum. it seems too many of us have this leaving complex that's messed up our ability to trust.

    Anywho I wish you much success and happiness in your life JB. Be cool
    Stay up!


  • GinnyTosken


    I don't know you well, but I wish you the best.

    I began detowering in 1995. Since then I've noticed that I go through cycles. At times I'm very interested in JW issues and want to discuss and research them. At other times, I just want to push it all away and forget I ever was a JW.

    Mommie Dark once theorized that it creates a bell jar effect when you constantly hang around only people who are JWs and ex-JWs. We share many of the same wounds and tend to react strongly to the same triggers. Such friends are an invaluable source of support and understanding when you need them, but it's also good to get a breath of fresh air and think about other things once in awhile.

    Please remember that we're all here if you need us.


  • Simon

    All the best Joelbear - it's been nice having you with us. Pop back whenever

  • ShaunaC

    JoelBear, I will miss you terribly! I have always loved your posts. You always seem to make me laugh. You are my breath of fresh air.

    I hope to see you around again soon. It just won't be the same without you.

    Good luck & best wishes to you and Mitch. I wish you both much happiness!!!

    Love, Shauna

  • outnfree


    I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your posts very much. You seem to be such a caring guy and I, too, understand your need to get away from ALL things JW, including us ranting ex-JWs.

    All the best and do drop in every once in a while (every blue moon?)

    Remember we're here if you need us.


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