God seems to have alot of failures?

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  • purrpurr

    For an all powerful, all knowing god it seems most of his plans go awry, so why assume that Armageddon/ New system will work? Look at the track record. ..

    Adam and eve... went wrong

    Noah ark (as per another post they still went wicked afterwards

    The Jews in the so called land of milk and honey were constantly being invaded or worshipping other gods

    His prophets seemed to be doomed as soon as God came calling

    King David. .. pretty screwed up

    King Solomon aka wisest man ever.... went wrong

    Jesus when a child had kings after his blood

    And after Jesus died no one even thought to write down anything about him for a couple of centuries?

    In the present day the so called chosen ones, the gb ,have been so unclear and uncertain about what God wants that they've flip flopped on doctrine multiple times and now have a system in place that has created a peados paradise!

    ... it's been one messy failure after another! So why would the future plans of God be any different in there evidential outcome?

    (Ps for the record I'm atheist, but its fun to debate subjects like this from the point of view of a believer )

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The plan is quite convoluted and deceiving by design. There's not a lot of space in heaven and paradise. So only the few that can twist their minds in a thousand knots will make it. I feel sorry for you.

  • jookbeard

    everything he/she touched turned to shit, you know the Big A, releasing the devil from the Abyss etc will similarly be a failure

  • JakeM2012

    Jookbeard, then it all starts again.

    Why would God destroy all those rebellious when the earth had been made into a paradise in 1000 years?

    So, he sat back for another 7000 -8000 years to prove that they were wrong.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I guess you guys never studied "God's Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing: for Man's Good" the book. We studious ones learned that God does not have "Plans", he has a purpose. Plans may go awry, all the very things you mentioned in the OP for example, but Jehoobie has a purpose that will triumph as he makes it circumvent these attacks of Satan to stop him, i.e: the unfaithfulness of the Israelite's, and the influence of Satanic worship etc. He has been guarding his purpose all these millennia. Truly an amazing God. Oh, wait... I think that orange book from 1974 is old light these days... You live and you learn.

  • scratchme1010
    God seems to have alot of failures?

    I agree. The worst part of the way today religions interpret God is this perfect being that can do nothing wrong, yet somehow everything is according to their own rationale.

  • venus

    Hi purrpurr,

    God is in very much control as testified by His feeding mechanism (the eternal tree-seed-tree mechanism) through which we all find our enjoyable sustenance. It means maintenance is still in His hand whereas He has given only the management to humans. Hence whatever humans perform here on earth is their responsibility—whether it is success or failure, it is theirs (not Gods).

    You have taken instances of apparent failures of God from the Scriptures. However, scriptures do not belong to God as proved by the internal evidence and external evidence. Internal evidence that Bible is not God’s word is its main theme itself—through one man all became sinners (which means we sin by being alive), for which God is depicted as coming out with a senseless solution—asking His innocent son to be killed by the sinners ‘to take away the sins of the world’ which means God is fighting the sin with greater sin—something that ‘would never occur in the mind of God’ (as people of reason feel--Jeremiah 7:31). External evidence that Bible is not God’s word is that God did not safeguard it from being interpolated [see the reference editions which put things in brackets such as portions after Mark 16:8 ....etc] which He would definitely do if He is the author and owner of Bible; and more important external evidence that it is not God’s communication is that Bible is the basis for all conflicted sects which run into over 41000!

    God has left His unmistakable message in the Book of Nature characterized by various cycles that repeat such as tree-seed cycle; water cycle, carbon cycle, day and night, seasons … which show any system (including system of things on earth) would go through cycle of a new beginning-growth-end--something which even Nietzsche discerned. (Eternal Recurrence, written by Nietzsche). As the great Designer of various cycles God majestically rules the whole universe for whom failure is impossible. Even the very design of earth being filled with various life forms and the rest of the universe looking barren give the proof that it takes a Cultivator to plant life on earth, which means not only the earth but also the rest of the barren universe too glorifies God by absence of life forms therein highlighting the too obvious conclusion that the rest of the barren universe would have been blessed with lifeforms only if God wills. This too shows He is in control!

    No failure for God.

    He is synonym of success.

  • jwundubbed

    this is my favorite bad God choice...

    God Doesn't make mistakes

  • punkofnice
    God seems to have a lot of failures

    ...and then he chose the WBT$ as his mouthpiece on Earth.

    Ps for the record I'm atheist,

    Same here. I didn't want to be but the evidence for god became god's failure.

    but its fun to debate subjects like this from the point of view of a believer

    ..and to think, I used to be a zealous believer, so I know the thinking process.

    These kind of things are thing you know are true and negative of god but you do mental gymnastics, create word salads and rage in order to keep the delusion of god alive.

  • smiddy3

    I second that punkofnice.

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