Friends! (A pain in the ...?)

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  • Terry


    Some friends are like a holiday
    a favorite pair of shoes
    the scratching post for kitten fingers to caress

    Some friends can really wear you out
    with their whinging and their blues
    Yet more or less - not worse than all the rest

    Some friends are chatty cherubim
    and others? - they need therapy!
    these flock like pigeons pooping on my roof

    Fickle friends and loyal friends both casual / aloof
    Over weaning minions with opinions by the ton
    With lots of bitter Twitter or too syrupy.

    Knuckleheads and pecker-woods
    Tiresome? Fire some!
    Who gets your jokes? Who's got the goods?
    Hire some. Admire some.

    Some friends are like a Gatling gun
    Too cranky and too critical
    So wonky or political
    they eat away at sanity like Limbaugh or Sean Hannity
    until I think I'm really gonna SCREAM!

    But then I stop and take a breath
    to realize we all face Death
    And each of us just does the best he can
    For all the loopy giggling
    and the smattering of niggling
    contentious as a bulldog on a bone ...

    Friends are necessary - and it's scary -
    just to wallow in the free time of my "me" time

  • wasone

    Yea what good are friends? They just want to borrow stuff.

  • smiddy3

    Some say" a friend in need is a friend indeed" .

    Others may say "a friend in need is a pain in the arse"

    I welcome my friends one and all and hope I still have the nouse to juggle the two ....

    Maybe sometimes I`m the pain in the arse .

  • snugglebunny

    I have some great friends whom I love dearly - despite their many faults!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Many of my best friends are total jw's. I'm working on them and they actually listen when I show them shit that undermines jw teachings and policy! I got them to thinkin' at least. But best of all they're still my friends and would do anything for me and I for them! I can't conceive of going thru life without friends!

    just saying!

  • LV101

    eyeuse2 - you are very fortunate to have true JW friends - don't hear this too often from xjws. Very impressive.

  • stillin

    Smiddy, I have a different take on that little proverb. I think "a friend in need is a friend indeed" is talking about having a friend when I am in need, not THEM. I think it's talking about how so-called "friends" disappear when you are down and out, also referred to as "fair-weather friends." But you find out who your friends really are when you are in need.

  • Terry

    When I wrote this poem I was thinking mainly of FACEBOOK friends - mainly because all but a very few of my closest lifelong friends are DEAD.
    The number of persons I can talk too (familiarly) without having to explain anything
    has dwindled down to less than a handful.
    When friends die, part of your Life Verification dies with them.
    Memories are unreliable narrators.
    I miss the the phone call that doesn't come any more.

    But that's a downer and I wanted my poem to be zany and fun.
    And it was.

  • smiddy3

    I hear you stillin

  • Xanthippe

    I like your poem Terry. I've learnt a lot about friends the last few years. One friend who latched onto me when I was in dire straits and was admittedly wonderfull.

    After things got better I bought her thank you presents and invited her family out for a meal with me and my daughter for my birthday.

    I thought we were going halves but she took so long looking at the bill I got fed up and paid the whole lot. I later realised she wanted me to do that for her for the rest of her life!

    I make friends very slowly now and I'm not terrified of 'me time' but I get what you mean Terry so many loved one have gone and I literally don't have anyone to reminisce with, no one to say do you remember when. Like you I miss that.

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