VW emissions cheating and driverless cars

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  • SecretSlaveClass


    The sad reality is that eventually the nanny state will presume that its safer for a computer to drive and people will fairly quickly take the lazy way out and let the car do the driving. I will personally become a shut in and never leave my house before i let the car drive. I LOVE driving... But many do not and view it as a chore. They will call it progress and bang the aforementioned safety drum. They will win, sadly.

    I couldn't possibly agree on anything more. I've often considered writing a book about what constitutes a good driver.
    Getting into the driver's seat carries with it a huge responsibility. In your hands you hold a tool capable of wiping out a bus load of people yet driving a vehicle is seen as just another everyday chore as you rightly stated.
    Being a lazy or complacent driver is every bit as dangerous as someone speeding if not more so in my opinion. Driving exams are a joke. They pass people in NY without even testing their parking skills, I know because when I had to hand in my international license and get a NY one my test didn't last five minutes and not a single parking test. Total joke.
    Sorry if this is a little off the VW topic Simon, but I can't resist listing some pet peeves here:
    1) If you're not paying attention to what is going on around you, it doesn't matter how slow you are going - you are a hazard!
    2)If you camp in the passing lane it's because you don't want to deal with other traffic and relax - a car is not a damn Lay-Z-Boy. If you want to relax, stop at a rest stop until you're ready to sit up and pay attention. Lazy driving makes you a hazard!
    3) If you can't parallel park you have no business driving. It's one of the simplest maneuvers to master. You're a hazard!
    4) The world does not revolve around you, you share the road so quit thinking laws don't apply to you. You're not special, you're a hazard!
    5) If you tailgate you're a moron who should be dragged out of your car, the keys thrown away and be banned from ever getting behind a steering wheel again.
    6) When you're driving below the speed limit and a car is passing you, don't suddenly accelerate because its presence in your peripheral vision woke you from your dangerous slumber and feel compelled to race over the speed limit to prove you weren't asleep.
    7)If you are in a big truck or a semi when you cut me off with my family or friends in the car I will assume you are drunk and report you for it. I've done it twice and will continue to do so.
    8) Even if you are a cop texting while you drive I will pull up next to you and have a word with you. You are a threat to mine and the lives of others.

    In a nutshell if you drive recklessly I will treat you the same way I treat a reckless gun owner because your are both hazards! At least if a gun owner has an AD he'll kill a max of two people. You handle a car recklessly and you could wipe out a bus load of kids.

    Rant over. Thank you for your patience!
  • truthseeker100

    The whole driverless vehicle scenario will be in a way reminiscent of the old stage coach days and horse drawn delivery vehicles. A lot of places had horses and mules making decisions about milk and egg delivery routes to people in cities. Or the town drunk scenario hopping on his old horse drawn wagon to go home and sleep it off after he'd had too many. Driverless vehicles have many safety advantages for sure.

    I just like Morpheus like to drive and be in control but the nanny state may one day take these old things we now take for granted away. It's funny when you think about how technology causes things where humans are concerned to come full circle. We were once reliant on a partnership with the judgement of horses and their owners for our transportation needs then we broke free for a while and relied on own judgement with the operation of vehicular machines. Now it appears we are going to give machines and software the say in guiding our movements for a while.

  • Giordano
    Nazi favourite: Hitler speaks at the opening ceremony of the Volkswagen car factory in Fallersleben, Germany, in 1938. Volkwagen used 12,000 slave labourers under the Nazis

    Nazi favourite: Hitler speaks at the opening ceremony of the Volkswagen car factory in Fallersleben, Germany, in 1938. Volkwagen used 12,000 slave labourers under the Nazis

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2663635/Revealed-How-Nazis-helped-German-companies-Bosch-Mercedes-Deutsche-Bank-VW-VERY-rich-using-slave-labor.html#ixzz3mOTjqhky
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    Volkswagon what an interesting corporate culture.

  • truthseeker100

    From a big picture point of view there is a need to link the various technologies involved in driverless vehicle systems whether they be drones or air planes or cars into some kind of a format that will be easily understood and easier for everyone to use. Just think computer operating systems before the introduction of windows. It made Bill Gates, et al rich.

    The computer hardware was already established before the windows operating system came into being and its the same right now for driverless vehicle technology. We just need a new windows operating system. Just like computer operating systems and the communication systems they utilize the operating system for driverless vehicles will increasingly develop faster and become more streamlined. I am sure there are a lot of people working on this right now.

  • Simon

    That's a good list, I pretty much agree with all of them. Some I'd add:

    I don't care if you have stick-figures of kids and a baby-on-board sign on your minivan. If you are on your phone and can't judge how wide your car is to fit through parked cars or are speeding in residential streets you have no business driving your kids to school, bitch.

    I'm sure your phone call or text is very important. But really it isn't. Put it down or I will sound my horn and try to make you shit yourself.

    When the green arrow signal goes off, it means you need to stop and give way to the about-to-be oncoming cars. Not that you can still carry on turning even though it actually changed 5 cars earlier.

    It costs nothing to give a thank-you wave or a smile.

    When I just made it though some lights but was thinking "close, I could probably have just about stopped" ... but then see another 5 cars in my mirror also carry on I start thinking all lights should have cameras.

    If you stop to let me out and there was nothing behind you, I don't think you've done me a kindness - I think you're an idiot who can't drive, it would have helped me more if you'd just carried on.

    Hey, when merging into traffic it's a good idea not to drive right alongside me. I'm going to maintain the speed I was going, you have to adjust yours to fit the gap I've left.

    Leave a gap for people when merging. It speeds everything up. If there are roadworks then let's all merge - it doesn't help trying to make the merge happen 2 miles back - we're just wasting a lane. If the traffic is slow it's because a previous idiot just like you made merging fail.

    When you're joining another road, you don't need to try and merge in right at the very very start. Does everyone now have to wait behind you because you chose to stop? Follow the road and merge where you were meant to.

    If there is nothing behind me but your "merge technique" is to speed up and try and get past me and cut in, don't be surprised if I don't make it easy for you. It's especially dumb when you wan't to exit to the right. You didn't get any further ahead by driving like a prick.

    Don't walk out in front of me when there is a crossing 20 yards away. I'm not going to stop for you. Seriously.

    Indicators are supposed to happen first, it doesn't help telling me you just changed lanes after the fact when I already saw it happen.

    If you do something stupid I will speed up or slow down just enough to frustrate your attempts to weave through traffic and be a danger to me and others. Enjoy the next few minutes stuck alongside that truck pal. Judging traffic flows and driving intelligently means I'll always catch you up.

    If you want to overtake, then continue to overtake. Don't just pull alongside me and stop there. Especially don't sit in my blind spot. I always check but guess what, other people don't.

    When I'm turning right on a green light I have right of way so don't try to turn left in front of me. Don't they teach that anymore? I'm not going to stop for you - I'm going to slow down and leave you stuck in the road like a schmuck.

    The closer you get to my bumper, the slower I will drive.

    Stop signs mean you have to stop, not that you need to wait there 20 seconds for me to drive up and stop before you go. You're just making me have to stop for longer. If you don't go when you have a chance then I'm going instead. The 3 second rule works equally well for stop signs as it does for dropped food.

  • joe134cd
    Why am I seeing similarities between Volkswagen and WTBTS.
  • SecretSlaveClass


    Obviously you, Morpheus and I would be perfect co-drivers. To add to some of your points:

    1) The baby-on-board charioteers. Because you sport one of those stickers don't assume I'll make special concessions for you and be ok with you ignoring traffic laws and common courtesy. I afford all vehicles the same consideration and latitude I do to all vehicles, regardless of occupants. As you said Simon, if that's how the parent is driving they shouldn't have a child with them in the first place.

    2) Please learn how to use 4-way stops and roundabouts- it's not rocket science!

    3) not using a pedestrian crossing when it's close by. Completely agree. If you're too damn lazy to walk twenty yards to the provided crossing then I'll be too lazy to step on my break peddle. The only exception I make is for kids.

    4) Why are you trying to weave through traffic and make a one car gain every half mile when it's clear we are in a stopped traffic jam and an hour later I will still only be less than a hundred yards behind you. All you're doing is risking everyone else's safety for no gain whatsoever. You have the logic of a dry dog turd.

    5) If you are behind me when I stop to let someone make a right turn because they're holding up traffic in their lane, and honk at me I'll just consider you an illogical selfish ass. It doesn't take more than 20 seconds from your life letting the other driver turn while on the other hand his lane is being held of for ages if no one in a long line of oncoming traffic let's him by. Surely if you were behind the guy making the turn you would wish someone would let him turn so you could proceed? For once try not to think solely about yourself. You're the kind of person who also get's agitated when I let an elderly person go before me at a check out. Make enough loud sighs and foot tappings and I may just turn around and slap that irritating, selfish head of yours. You'll be old to one day buddy and I'll bet you'll wish you had more "considerate" people around you!

  • _Morpheus

    😂😂😂 im rotflmao at those lists SSC/simon as they mimic mine ....

    I could add a few as i see thing driving a large commerical vehicle. Idiots seem to think that being behind a large utility vehicle is worse than dying. They like to speed around you at 55 in a 25 then dart back in front of you and slam on the brakes because there was so little room to make the reckless maneuver to begin with. Its not a bicycle. It weighs 10 tons or more and even at 15mph takes a little room to stop.

    A little calmness and mutul respect for fellow drivers goes a long way.

    and dont get me started on f****ng bicyclists who are reckless and agressive and like to act as if they are in cars and own the road....

  • GrreatTeacher

    Bikes are considered vehicles like any other in Maryland. They can legally use the entire lane.

    Did you know you can even get a DWI on a bike in Maryland? They must follow all the rules for motor vehicles, including blood alcohol content for drivers. So, if you thought you could avoid drinking and driving by biking home after an evening at the bar, nope.

  • GodZoo
    I think some independent industry-wide controls are needed and we need federal controllers embedded within the companies.

    Yep that's gonna work.. the same as they have 'independent federal controllers' that constantly tell us that Monsanto GM foods are safe and good for us.

    No one at those levels can be trusted with anything. Power corrupts. Someone along the line is getting paid off for these things to slide.

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