How a child's mind works

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  • Mulan

    Princess posted this on another thread, but it looks like not many are reading it. I hope Simon forgives me for putting it in a new thread.

    I thought it was so great to see how children think about things, if they aren't "brainwashed" from infancy.

    So a few weeks ago my four year old daughter was asking questions about Jesus and decided she wanted to see a picture of him. She actually wanted to see a picture of him DEAD but I showed her some kind of cartoon-like pictures of him in a child's bible. She was not impressed. I decided that the book was simple yet could be interesting to her so I told her we were going to start reading it at bedtime and she could learn about Jesus etc. We started with the creation account in this very simplistic children's bible and she was just thinking it was one big YAWN. I finished the chapter and her daddy read her a nice princess story. I then moved on to my six year old son...

    Rhys is six but very bright and really thinks about things. I have a more advanced children's bible story book for him and told him the same thing. We are going to start reading this from the beginning so you will know the whole story. I didn't get far.

    I read the creation account, fairly interesting to him, left him wondering about the fact that there was a beginning and the earth and it's inhabitants weren't always here. Moved on to the garden of Eden and that's when things started getting tough. He just didn't buy it. After getting past the tree of the knowledge of good and evil he interrupted me and said "god shouldn't have made that tree". I told him it was a test but he firmly stood his ground and said it was a mistake. We discussed the stupidity of Eve talking to a snake and not wondering why the snake was talking. We wondered why she was so jazzed about the fruit when she should have been calling Adam over to see the talking snake. When I explained that Satan had made himself into a talking snake to fool her he said god should have destroyed Satan right then and there. I told him I thought he was right. He then decided we needed to help god destroy Satan and was planning on rallying up a group of preschoolers the next day to help out. I tried to rein him in a bit. That's what I needed, a bunch of preschool moms calling to find out why my son was convincing their children to kill the devil. I told him it was god's fight and not ours. I was desperately trying to end the discussion by this time as I was completely at a loss as to what to tell him. The whole time I was thinking how I don't even believe this sh*t and I'm trying to explain it to my six year old who saw through it immediately.

    I put the book back on the shelf and haven't touched it since. Perhaps it was too soon? Maybe too late? I'll wait awhile and we'll read it just to teach him what some people believe. I don't think he'll be easily convinced himself. We never got past the tree of knowledge.


  • siegswife

    LOL That's priceless...getting a group of kids to join the fight to kill Satan.

    My five year old thinks that God's going to turn the "bad angel" into a "good angel" and the bad men that killed Jesus into good men. I don't know that she's too far off.

  • DJ

    Gotta just love Rhys!! He's so funny! A determined little guy. I have a 5yr. old son who is a bit like him. I had to laugh out loud when I pictured the pre-schoolers on a rampage! It seems that he loved good and hated bad......always a good start. I think that you taught your son something very valuable, believe it or not. He reacted in a noble way.....little warrior! So cute. Dj

  • anti-absolutism

    Personally, I think we are nearest to perfection at birth than at any other time in our present human condition. I think if our kids can't figure it out then we probably shouldn't even try ourselves. Thinking too hard usually causes more harm than good.

    Just my humble opinion..... Brad

  • Shakita

    Kids are great, aren't they!

    I love how truthful and honest they are with you. They still see things as being black and white. "God shouldn't have made that tree."........great insight. Too bad God didn't have this insight when putting that tree in the Garden of Eden in the first place. A cruel joke on Adam and Eve who were innocent and naive as children, that's how I see it. But it does make for a good story.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Mulan

    You have to know this boy, to truly understand. He is like a bulldog, with a bone, when he gets an idea in his head. I can just see Rachel trying to move on, with the story, and he keeps going back to "god shouldn't have made that tree..................well, that doesn't make sense................that was dumb". He is just priceless.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    This is a funny story. My 5 yr old nephew asked me a similar question not too long ago. It is, by the way, the same question I remember thinking when I was very young. He says 'If God made them perfect, than how could they sin?' I too explained it was a test by God. He asked ' well, if God knows everything then he would have known they were going to eat it. And what's the point in making someone perfect if they aren't really perfect?'

    maybe kids are just smarter today than the old days

  • Mulan


    or is it back to the bottom

  • bluesapphire

    Kids are so great!

    Since I already indoctrinated my girls they somewhat believe in the creation/adam&eve accounts. But what I have told them is that it could all be alegory. I compare those stories to the boy who cried wolf story. It's not a factual story but there is truth in the lesson.

    The problem I have now is what is the lesson? Listen to god who knows everything but doesn't communicate effectively? Nah! Never listen to talking snakes? Yeah, that's more like it.

  • xjw_b12

    Mulan. Thanks for ressurrecting Princess' story. That was great !

    It reminds me of the time when my dad allowed me to sit in on a bookstudy with him and the P.O. They were conducting a study with a newly interested fellow. They were discusiing the creation account, and I remember piping in about why did God allow Satan to trick Eve, and in turn to trick Adam? Didn't God know that was going to happen ?

    I remember the look on the newbies face, like I beat him to the question. Never the less I wasn't invited to sit in again. That newbie never did get baptized...and to this day no one has adequately answered my question .

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