A New World is here, and YHWH's version is out of date

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Of course CT Russell thought that the modern inventions of his time were indicators of the Last Days, including the inventions which would reduce the role of human workers.

    And his interpretation of Nahum's prophecy as the coming of the American railways.

  • fulltimestudent

    And what about a tram without rail-tracks. Steel rail tracks are replaced with a virtual track imprinted into the road surface.


    Sydney (Aust) has had one of its main business (CBD) streets closed for 2+ years while the whole street has been ripped it to relocate services and lay tram tracks. The system illustrated would have avoided that major inconvenience.

    Combine that with a facial recognition payment system, which would eliminate a slower card payment system and you may have a very efficient public transport system for CBD areas. Plan it right with a virtual ring track around the CBD and you could eliminate private cars from the CBD.

  • fulltimestudent
    Betheliesalot : Maybe the WTS should charter some of these and fill them with up to date carts that can only hold 3 magazines. They would have a captive audience, and put a few video screens playing "just around the corner" as it goes around the corner...

    Hey mate - what a great idea! Stuff the WT, in ten years, they won't have the money to do it.

    But commercially!!! - if you have twenty of these things running a certain route, i.e. one ten seater every five minutes, rather than a sixty seater diesel guzzler every 20 minutes, The bus company would have a captive audience to run non-stop advertising videos. They'd be making more money than TV stations.

  • zeb

    oh wowwwwwww!

    Perhaps they could have a squadron of the nasties to deal with the s***heads who throw rocks a the buses.

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