How were you 'outed' ??

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    This was about four years ago. I had talked to several people in my congregation at different times and mentioned various things like the Pyramid of Giza, Russell's pyramid monument, 1925, Beth Sarim, 1975, etc. However, I STILL believed it was the truth at the time and so after talking about it I tried to down play these things and make various lame excuses. Anyway, it wasn't long before the Elders called me to a meeting, and didn't tell me what it was about. The very first things they asked me were all about my loyalty to the organization, and of course since I still believed I answered affirmatively. Then they got into counciling me, saying that loyalty is important and that since we don't air our family's "dirty laundry" it also isn't right to air the organization's "dirty laundry". They told me it would be best not to mention such things again, and being obedient to "Theocratic Order" as I was, I complied. I lost no privileges. Funny thing is I just realized I had a full beard at the time. (I had an excuse as I had been away for a few weeks and no assignments that day.) I didn't realize what a fine line I was walking. 😆 Anyways, it would be another couple years til I fully woke up, and if that scenario happened now I honestly don't know how it would end. I think outing myself through my own words is a very real possibility hanging over my head, could be today, could be years from now, could be never. Since then I have continued to push the envelope with regard to thought-inducing content I insert into comments, talks and conversation. Haven't been counciled yet, but we'll see.

  • Athanasius

    My non-JW grandmother innocently outed me to a JW elderette customer of hers. At the time I was living on my grandmother's ranch and the JW elderette had noticed my second wife leaving our house. So she asked my grandmother who was the woman living with me. Grandmother told her that I'd remarried and the woman was my new wife. However, according to JW rules, my marriage was "unscriptural" as my ex-wife had remained celibate and had not remarried.

    Since it had been over five years since I'd resigned as an elder and stopped attending JW meetings I figured that the statute of limitations had run out. Moreover, I'd established a new life and had no intention of returning to the borg. So I could care less if they formed a JC and DFd me.

    Anyway a couple of weeks later I get a call from an elder in my old congregation. He asked if I'd remarried, which I answered in the affirmative. Then he asked the usual JC question, did I believe that God was using the "faithful slave" as his earthly organization, or something to that effect.

    Instead of making their job easy and giving NO as my answer, I decided to have some fun with them. So I told him that I'd been under a lot of emotional stress due to the breakup of my previous marriage, and didn't feel that I could answer that question at the present time.

    They did form a JC and asked me to me to meet with them. Instead I had my attorney send the JC a letter requesting that they not harass me. A month later he got a 16 page letter from MCabe, the Watchtower lawyer, saying to forget about suing them as Uncle Sam was on their side. The letter was mostly a boasting about all the legal cases the Watchtower had won. Actually I had no intention of taking legal action against them. I just wanted them to know they had no power over me.

    A year later an announcement was made at my old congregation to the effect that the JC had determined that I had disassociated myself and was no longer a JW. This was in 1989 and the announcement must have been limited to just the local congregation as JWs in nearby congregations still greeted me whenever we met as if I was just an inactive JW.

  • Phizzy

    I know a young Bro who was "outed" by being on here ! He gave way too many personal details and the Elders had him.

    He asked what the hell they were doing on an Apostate Site, they said a fellow Elder had "stumbled upon" the Posts, and alerted them. What was that Elder doing ? looking for Porn at the time ?


  • LongHairGal


    If some idiot JW tried to corner me and ask that stupid question if I thought the GB was whatever they claim...I’d tell them to drop dead.

    At this point, it doesn’t matter to me what they think. It’s just the idea that they set themselves up as some kind of secret police to dog people and harass them. Yeah, this is what they do to try and retain members. I have no use for them.


    Yes, what the hell are those f#cking hypocrites doing on here? Just the idea that people can read all this secretly and still remain JWs tells me they are not sincere and are in the religion for family and associations. Since I’m long out as a fader, I couldn’t care less what anybody there thinks and would never talk to them, much less answer nosy questions.

  • punkofnice

    Short version.

    I heard the 'overlapping generation™' 'teaching™' and it was obvious (given other doubts over the years), that the WBT$ was a corrupt antichrist organisation.

    I went to a Baptist church, which was brilliant. I went to other churches too. It dawned on me whilst I was at church, that the prayers of intercession were useless beyond dispute.

    It dawned on me that god doesn't exist.

    Worried that I was wrong, I endeavoured to study evidence for the existence of god outside of so called 'holy books'.


    Those words kicked me hard in the goolies.

    I then became a non believer. I haven't bothered to study the origins of life because I now know that I'll die and it's all bleedin' futile.

  • blownaway

    I made the same mistake as many here. I started talking about doubts and things I was reading on the "new" Internet about the Dubbers. An old friend I grew up with ran to his father who was an elder. They came back and wanted to meet. I refused as the two witness rule and all. LOL From then on I was never DFed but marked.

  • sparrowdown

    Aw @punkofnice - Damn you "lack of evidence" for kicking our Punky "in the goolies!" Damn you!

  • mikeypants

    I laughed out loud hysterically, got up and walked out of the annual meeting when tight pants Tony was blabbing about.

    Never talked with them again. Don't think I'm df'd but I really haven't cared enough to ask anyone. At the least I'm inactive I would guess. New number, and lots of call blocking and I'm free.

  • punkofnice

    Sparrow - Thank you, I's not nice. My goolies actually exist, that's why it hurts.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great replies!

    Thanks everyone.

    Im on my phone now, but will post my "outing story" when back at the computer...

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