high time to get your life in order (hidden wt message)

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  • Finkelstein

    There are palatable reasons why the majority of Christian based faiths do not make these kind of prolific doctrines as to when the GT and Armageddon is to arrive but rather teach to devoted faithful followers to be prepared every day of their lives !

    Fear mongering charlatans have been selling Armageddon and the rapture since the 19th century and the Watchtower Corporation can recognizably fit into this group..

    These personal endeavors have accumulated in acquiring both a great amount of money and power to these mostly men.

    The words of Jesus Christ spelled out what would happen to false prophets when he does return, that's a scriptural backed doctrine that never gets acknowledged by the WTS, particularly posed with reflection onto themselves.

  • prologos
    Finkelstein "The words of Jesus Christ spelled out what would happen to false prophets when he does return."
    F: I wish I had your faith, that there would be such return and retribution, but like the "talking snake" will there be talking pandas in paradise?
    By pointing out to stay in the black, "financially alive to 2075,"
    I am not try making a [false] prophecy,
    but a true parody.
  • Finkelstein

    ........and its a good parody as well

  • prologos
    Finkelstein2 hours ago

    .".......and its a good parody as well"

    yeah, the masters at Jehovah's Trumpet should get hold of this script , flesh it out, refine it, and post it there. Overlapping is really too sad to be funny. It reminds me of the Hitler/Goebbels master-race rants by those runts.

    just remember, the anointed started to be resurrected in 1918/19, they will have a lot of military training to be able and deal with apostates reading stuff here when 2075 rolls around before the battle.

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