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  • prologos

    As we go deeper into the wt "time of the end" of the unique overlapping generation of the 'oiled', how much 'oil", or riches should you provide for your family's future? what is the future predictable by looking at wt data? courtesy of jwfacts compilations:

    WT mag. May 15 1984 front page: "Generation that will not pass away" but it did, and they were anointed, so they will have to overlap with their latter days alter egos, younger doppelgaenger, and here are these projections:

    3) Gangas age in 1914: 18 year of death: 1996 survived 1914 by 82 years projected year of rapture* 2078

    5) Stemmen 11 2002 88 2090

    6) Derderian 24 1984 70 2054

    8) Zook 16 1999 79 2072

    12 Hannan 16 1995 81 2076

    13) Poetzinger 10* 1988 74 2062

    14) Hannan 15 1992 78 2066

    15) Hatzfeld 11 2001 89 2091

    16) Herrlinger 20 1995 81 2076

    example from Splane's speech:

    Franz : 21 1992 78 2070

    so: with October 2075 the new hidden wt end date, how much "wise virgin's oil", gold, geld, argent will you, and your's need to survive, to provide well to be "in the faith" in these 60 coming years? and, going by the clear failed wt record, the rest of the future, reaching forward of 2091?

    Can you waste any more time, money in this wt scheme, that gives you this overlapping caveat, warning, escape clause in their part of the "spirit directed organisation" vow?

    * rapture before Armageddon, the biggest destruction, that "jesus" said the generation would survive and did in 070, but wt says it will not.

    conclusion, budget to survive beyond 2075. do not contribute to your poverty.

  • prologos

    sorry for the dense lineup, every time you press edit, it compresses the text. worked for 30 minutes to space and tabulate again and again:

    br/srxyz---- the age in 1914, ----year of death, ------years lived after 1914 and ------------projected year of rapture*

    *wrongly predicted by wt writers to occur before "all these things take place"

    * age 10 consider to be old enough to understand something big happened in 1914. anointed at baptism.

  • jhine

    Hi Prologos. , could you explain where 2075 comes from ? .I have not heard this date mentioned . JWs I know seem to be expecting the end SOON .


  • prologos
    jhine, Jan:--if you look at the right column, it gives the year that must or can arrive to have the deceased anointed's counterpart on that WT magazine be alive in the overlapping generation. the range is from 2054 to 2091. 2075 is a possible median figure
    save to provide and survive to 20 and 75. has a nice ring to it. but
    we suspect like a century before that, you better look out, for longer term planning, because

    history has a history to repeats itself.
  • jhine

    Thanks , Prologos.


  • prologos

    WT writers are getting more generous:

    for 1975 we had only 6 years of lead time. from 1969 to 1075. In the overlapping generation

    for 2075 they give us 60,welcome Jan

  • Finkelstein

    Ironic is it not that the exclusively chosen organization from god would proclaim and make broad calculations and dates of the imminent GT and the following Armageddon, when Jesus himself admonished any of his true followers to do exactly that.

    I wonder if this expressive agenda by the WTS had anything to do with the fact that the WTS. is a publishing house, created by men for their own self assuming power and control and the continuing proliferation of the literature they published ??


  • prologos
    Finkelstein6 minutes ago

    Ironic is it not that Peter predicted that ridicule would be used (like the above calculations) to debunk the end-time predictions.

    peter :-"- ridiculers " making ridiculous predictions.' a wt specialty.

  • blondie

    (Matthew 24:44) 44 On this account YOU too prove yourselves ready, because at an hour that YOU do not think to be it, the Son of man is coming.

    *** w12 9/15 p. 27 par. 19 “You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour” ***

    We still do not know the exact day or hour that Jehovah’s day will arrive, and do we really need to know? We can and will continue to prove ourselves ready. (Matt. 24:36, 44)

  • prologos
    blondie, are you posting seemingly serious replies on a thread that is meant to be a parody, showing the futility of overlapping readiness? are you implying the whole wt quotation thing is a joke?
    can't be, because 2075 is going to come --and go.

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