The WTBTS "Anointed": Eating From Two "Tables"

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  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    I wish to share with you what my Lord recently shared with me in understanding "eating from the table of JAH and the table of demons," its TRUE application and to whom it applies.

    For some time, the false prophets of the WTBTS have published various interpretations of what this statement means, including its accusation against "christendom" (and primarily Catholicism) that in being "part of the world", such institutions partake... or eat... from both the table of [God] and the table of demons. This misrendering, however, is false on its face, for it is only those within that very organization who can and do commit such act. How so?

    One must ask oneself: how is it that one can "eat" from the table of God? Indeed, what IS the "table" of God... and what is its "food?" My Lord, the Son of God, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH himself provided the answer when he said, "Take, EAT... this means my body." By "eating" Christ, the "Passover Lamb," one then "eats" from the table of the Holy One of Israel, JAH... of Armies, by means of partaking of the body (flesh) of the sacrificial Lamb HE provided: His Son.

    John 4:48-56

    Please pay special attention to what is stated at verses 51-54, and the words "anyone," "Unless," "live forever," and "resurrect," and ask yourself... HOW can anyone believing in everlasting life by means of Christ receive it WITHOUT following this command? HOW can anyone believing in a resurrection be a part of it WITHOUT hearing... and getting the SENSE of them so as to follow... these words? Yet, the WTBTS promises just that... everlasting life... to those whom they deny such "bread"... those whom they preclude from eating and drinking the flesh and blood of Christ, which is TRUE food and TRUE drink! How do they do it? By teaching such ones that they have life "in themselves!" A blatant lie! For my Lord is recorded to have said that UNLESS you eat and his flesh and drink his blood, you have NO life in yourself!

    By their false teaching of "life within oneself," however, the false prophets of the WTBTS again demonstrate the truth of my Lord's words when he was recorded to have said of such false teachers and religious leaders, "Woe to you... scribes (writers of "law") and Pharisees (pious false religious leaders)... HYPOCRITES! because... you shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men; for you yourselves DOT NO GO IN, neither to you permit those on THEIR way in to go in."

    Yes, such ones have POISONED the minds and hearts of those who love God... against eating the flesh and blood of His Son... and have misled them instead "eat" such their own tainted food with gusto! Calling it "food... at the proper time" such ones have enticed "even the chosen ones" to eat... from the table of demons. For all that is not TRUTH... is a lie! And we know that the Ruler of the Demons, our Adversary, Satan the Devil... is the "father" of the lie.

    So, then, those who profess to be "anointed" within that organization... and "eat" from the table of JAH, by means of eating the flesh and blood of Christ... AS WELL AS eat the poisoned "wormwood" of falsehood dispensed by the false prophets who call themselves the "truth"... rather than glorify the Son of God as the Only Truth... also "eat" from that table of demons.

    May those who have ear hear what the Spirit and the Bride KEEP saying:

    "Come! Take life's water... free!"

    Just as it is dispensed freely from the one from whose inward parts it flows...

    John 7:37, 38


    I, myself, SJ, have spoken it to you just as I have heard and received it from my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, the Son and Christ of the Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies.

    Peace to you!

  • unclebruce

    .. myself, LF, have spoken it to you just as I have heard and received it from my Lord, JAHE-Sandwich-HUA MIS-vegemite-AJAH, the Sandwich and Crust of the Holy One of Is mine, the Goo of A ham and Jacobs smallgoods , whose name is JAR... of pickled Armies.

    Peas to you!

    unklebruce .. eatething divine offerings .. left hand on the table of bread .. right hand on the coffee-pot of antihock

  • gumby

    My Lord, the Son of God, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH himself provided the answer when he said, "Take, EAT... this means my body

    Shelby Shelby Shelby,

    Jesus didn't say this first.......someone and a few others uttered these words long before him. This must have been a popular saying back at that time eh?

    What I want to know is........when is that date with dannybear and I going to take place? I am ready to drink you under the table girl! LOL


  • AGuest

    Unk, Unk, Unk... peas to you, too, dear one!

    Gumby... perhaps others said it (and may you have peace!); however, with regard to the being the "Lamb of God," it is my Lord, His Son, who said, "Take eat, this means MY body." (Oh, and name your time and place, and if I can make it I most certainly will!)

    Peace to you both!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • logical
  • logical

    on a serious note, how important is baptism? Can one be in union with Christ without being baptised? (As I am not). Why is it I always feel separated from Christ.

  • AGuest

    My dearest 'Log... the GREATEST of love and peace to you!

    First, thank you for the peas... which I will pass on to Unkle Skunkle!

    Second, I am directed to direct you to:

    1. John 5:56 2. John 15:1-7 3. John 14:23 4. Romans 8:9, 10 5. John 1:20-33 (pay close attention to verse 33!) 6. Acts 19:1-6

    As you may be able to "see"... or rather, "hear", dear Logical One... one must obey my Lord's commandments in order for the he and the Father to come to such one and make their abode... or dwell... IN them. Does that require trying to walk by the Law Covenant? Nope. The Law Covenant was fulfilled by my Lord... and replaced... by a NEW Law... the Law... of Love.

    If, then, you prepare your heart so as to "recieve" God and Christ into it, which means cleansing the INSIDE of the "cup"... which is done by REMOVING all wickedness, which is hatred and hypocrisy... and then you partake of the flesh and blood of Christ... in FAITH... that such "bread and wine" represent what they are meant to... MANNA and LIFE'S WATER... which sustains not our flesh, but our SPIRIT... then you open the "way" to RECEIVE "the Life"... my Lord... INTO you!

    By means of holy spirit, the life-giving 'water' of God's spirit, through Christ, then, life is put IN you: God and Christ, who ARE Life... come and reside IN you... making YOU a "living stone" in the "temple" of God, the place where His spirit "dwells".

    And by means of the Spirit dwelling IN you... you are "regenerated" into a NEW "creation"... one of SPIRIT... that sees, hears, etc., with the SPIRIT... versus with the flesh. And it is by means of this SPIRIT... and the TRUTH that gives it... that you can worship God. It by means of the "man" you are... on the INSIDE.

    "Water" baptism is the "putting away of the filth of the flesh"... such as in the case of Naaman, who washed his leprosy away in the Jordan. It symbolizes your desire to be washed "clean" of the sins (illness, etc.) of the flesh. However, what is SAVING you is baptism BY THE SPIRIT... for it this baptism that can "wash" what water cannot: the "filth"... of your inner man, your conscience. H20 cannot cleanse your conscience; only holy spirit... "life's water"... can do that. As the TRUE "blood" of God and Christ... which is "poured out" upon those wishing CAN "atone".

    And if your conscience is "clean"... by means of you exercising FAITH in such atonement, such forgiveness... you can "stand"... before the throne of God. For you ARE "clean"... in spirit.

    I now ask you, my dear, dear Logical... if GOD can forgive you, why can't YOU forgive you? Or was my Lord's "sacrifice" insufficient to "cover" over your error(s)... whatever you may deem them to be? Was/is your existence SO heinous, SO unnecessary... so that even CHRIST can't "cover"? And did not our Lord say that we are to love our neighbor AS we love ourselves? So, then, love must start... with ourselves... and yet, "not look out for its own interest," yes? May you, too, then, have ears... to hear.

    Again, I bid you the greatest of love and peace, such as our Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, the Son and Christ of the Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, gives it. May our Father's undeserved kindness be upon you... to time indefinite... if YOU so wish it.

    Your servant (always!), sister and fellow slave of Christ,


  • siegswife

    Hi (((Shelby)))!

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I do.



    PS Don't let those guys get too drunk or you might be left with a mess resembling whirled peas...if you get my drif.

  • nightwarrior

    Often wondered at ( THE MEMORIAL ) Wether i should have partaken of the bread and wine,i felt that everyone should have tasted the bread and wine,felt that the organization were keeping something away from the people in attendance,think of it all catholics partake of bread and wine on a weekly basiss,with jesus saying hold this in rememberence of me,yes for those of us whom still love jehovah and jesus christ ,being taught that only the annointed should partake of this spiritual meal , the question arises have we all been stopped from partaking from the table offeredand requested by jesus,i know that i within myself felt many a time that the borg were misleading the sheep,keeping from the grace of god

    brotherly love to you all

  • AGuest

    Ahh, Lea, my lovely sister... the GREATEST of love and peace to you, dear one! Not to worry about the 'fellas, though: they're really very loving and always mean well. And nothing wrong with a little "split pea soup", eh? LOLOLOLOLOL! Peace, Girl!

    And dearest NightWarrior, may you, to have peace... and you're questionings are quite valid. May I direct you to:

    and say that if, you, too, have “ears”… may you HEAR what the Spirit and the Bride KEEP saying:

    “COME! Take “life’s water”… FREE!” John 7:37, 38 Revelation 22:17 Matthew 11:28

    Again, the GREATEST of love and peace to you both!

    Your servant, sister and fellow slave of Christ, to time indefinite…


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