The last generation of JW’s

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  • WTWizard

    Why would anyone want to do all that extra work? Assistant hounders are often called on to make up shortfalls on donations (and those "shortfalls" are usually quite inflated), draining them financially. They are also called on to help out in field circus, they have to stay late after boasting sessions, and have to follow exemplary guidelines. And for what? They are not going to get any better positions in the New Dark Ages.

    Better to just be a regular publisher (if that--even they are helping provide psychic energy to bring Noahide Law through the whole world, which will happen soon enough even without them). You can then listen to rap or heavy metal on your MP3 device or password-protected device without problems (hounders and assistant hounders are generally not able to do this). You can take occasional time off without affecting half the congregation--perhaps to learn something else not related to the religion. You can go on regular vacations (not Israel missions) without half the congregation being stumbled. You don't have half the congregation using your home for facilities. And you don't have to answer directly to the hounder-hounder when that thing comes.

    And, as I said, better not to even do anything at all.

  • Crazyguy2

    This is a cult that gets people to stop living in the real world and live in their made up fantasy. Unfortunately there are young ones believing this crap because they know nothing else. When all your friends and most of your relatives are in it you go along too. Yes their dying but probably more to do with the CSA scandals and people leaving that have finished school like most young ones do. The good news is because of the scandals and the Internet less young ones will go back and more worldly will not join but that’s they only way I see this cult dying.

  • joe134cd
  • smiddy3

    I think you could add : The Christian Scientist`s , The Mormons , the Christadelphian`s , Worldwide Church of God, and so many more .

    However I agree they will still be around but a helluva lot smaller sect than they are today and more radically changed.

  • joe134cd

    I guess the problem they are also having to contend with is apathy in the ranks. I was in it for 40 years, and to be honest, in the end truth really had nothing to do with the reason I stayed so long. It wasn’t really until I started visiting apostate sites that I fully realised what was going on. Property flipping, overlapping generations, transparency, I had totally no idea.

    So if truth didn’t matter then why did I stay. Basically family and social connections was the reason. I was largely apathetic. Done my 1 hour of field service and had no ambition to be anything more than that. It wasn’t until I started learning TTATT and felt my social connections getting weaker that made it so much easier to walk out the door, and I did.

    To be honest I was the type of person wt would of least wanted anyway. Sure I was physically present in the hall, but I had no ambition to do anything more than that. I never felt inclined to donate any money either.

    I think if wt is wanting to survive it has to get rid of people like me in the western world. It needs to get smaller with a more concentrated hard core membership who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    In my congregation I've been hearing a lot of these comments lately: "People say that Jehovah's Witnesses brainwash people. I've never experienced that, but if Jehovah wants to wash my brain then so be it."

    "People always say that we're a cult. We're about as far away from a cult as you can get. Satan makes people believe the lies, but they're not rejecting us, they're rejecting Jehovah."

    Could those who make such comments be secretly awake? I wonder.

  • smiddy3

    On the contrary, I think they are the very people who are brainwashed and PIMI .

  • LV101

    I heard the same drama 1970-71being around JWs a few seconds and knowing nothing about them -- "People always say that we're a cult." Guess the masses have had their number for long time. They seem proud to be a cult.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    further to joe 134CD 's comment..i think the watchtower want all pimo's out. they are a ticking time bomb in the congregations.

  • sir82

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but in the two Congs with which I am most familiar still, there are the 20-somethings

    and 30-somethings who are stepping up to be MS and Elders.

    I think this part of my post answers that:

    except for the cynical ones who just want the prestige.

    In my experience, the young guys "reaching out" these days don't give a fig about anything truly spiritual or Bible related or caring for the "sheep" - they like the trappings of prestige such as giving talks as a visiting speaker, "special" insider info on jw.borg, "special" roles (like cart witnessing at big public events, etc.)

    Others have the goal to do the "fun stuff" (traveling to the tropics for disaster relief or building projects, for example), so they need to accumulate their "bona fides" and check off the right boxes: Elder? [check], Pioneer? [check], LDC volunteer? [check], etc.

    "Reaching out" to be an elder because you truly care for the "sheep" and you want to help people? Maybe 1 in 10.

    That's going to catch up to them (the org.) sooner than later.

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