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  • sloppyjoe2
    I do love these predictions of demise for the organization that have been on this board for the past 15 years. I predict the organization will grow as always, changes will be made. People on here will continue to predict it's demise and give reasons why, and it won't happen. The org will be around long after we are all gone.
  • Simon

    I have to agree with sloppyjoe2

    I predict that in 10 years time people will be discussing the doctrinal change of the day or some leaked memo and still not understand why everybody doesn't just leave, missing the point that many aren't there because of the beliefs or because it makes any sense or they really think god is talking through the GB ... it's their opium.

  • ToesUp

    The writing is on the wall with the JW's. They will have a reduction in size but will not go away. Our families will stay in due to the resurrection hope. The only way anyone (family) will leave is if they are screwed over personally. That always seems to get people motivated. lol

    We will NEVER return. Learning TTATT has sealed it for us.

  • NewYork44M
    I thought I saw a post that they will be able to count time for surfing the internet. They can always show increases - they just need to change what they are measuring.
  • Londo111

    It's a matter of time. Eventually the Watchtower religion will be no more...or at the very least, no more relevant than the other Bible Students groups. The question really is when that will be.

    Since the massive downsizing announcements, it seems sooner than later. Growth has been stagnated for some time. I suspect donations have dropped over time. Leaders (elders) are becoming increasing hard to find.

  • Tenacious

    They are getting desperate that's for sure. Counting a link as a placement?

    Is that any different than telling someone at the door where to go online to get more information? Or is that a placement?

    Things are going downhill fast next thing you know people showing even a slight positive acknowledgement such as a nod or handshake will be counted as studies or even associating with them.

    Honestly speaking, I see a major event perhaps through a series of events that collectively make up a drastic change for policies within the next 5 years. This could potentially include inciting and working up the members to another specific or decade date. They have to do something to stop the hemorrhaging of members fading, leaving, resigning, and being kicked out.

  • sloppyjoe2
    I just don't get where people say this "hemorrhaging" of members. In my entire 30 years of being a JW in my city nothing but growth has happened over time. New halls were formed or split and new halls were built. The circuit went from 2 parts to 3 and even now the attendance is almost at the max capacity. Where is this massive members leaving? In my own personal life I don't even know one apostate outside of myself. Most of the people that got df'd in my lifetime eventually came back. Even the young kids that left or got in trouble came back in their late 20s and 30s.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I predict a large migration of die heart witnesses to up state NY. They

    will build schools and hospitals just think a city of JW's, called Paradise earth

    Warwick city of truth. If I was a JW today I would make the move. Once they realize

    the end is not coming soon, why not make our own paradise here on earth.

    Remember the mormon move to Utah.

    solppyjoe2: I agree, "in my own personal life I don't even know one apostate outside of

    myself". I forgot my sons are apostates, so there are three in my area.

  • punkofnice

    The Watchtower corporation will merge with the Spud U Like and Toys R Us on 12 May 2017.

    They will be re-named 'Morris the 3rdites'.

    Lett will part company with them to set up his own comedy show with the Fox Network.

    3 days later Armageddon will come and Jehovah(tm) will murder everyone.

    Even the young kids that left or got in trouble came back in their late 20s and 30s.

    Because of psychological coercion. "I am married with kids now and my kids are asking about grandma and grandpa and uncle or aunt so and so....I'd better go back to the toof" BTW the only real growth in westernized nations is primarily through kids growing up.

    Some from immigration but thats also slowing down somewhat. Many immigrants here in the U.S. often view the JWs as a social club to enjoy and promote their own culture while away from home. Even these people are waking up.

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