I will only believe in demons if...

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  • slimboyfat

    I'd prefer to say ironic, because I didn't mean to be unfriendly. ;-)

  • David_Jay

    No, I mean, you're seriously asking? You've been in deep debate with me before where I mentioned this repeatedly, so I am wondering what your question means. I didn't think you were being unfriendly.

  • slimboyfat

    It was a joke because many of your posts begin saying, "just to let everyone know here that I am a Jew". I thought there was a joke to made somewhere, but I had trouble identifying the exact location of the comedy.

    Incidentally I have a Jewish name but I don't think I'm actually a Jew. How can I tell?

  • David_Jay

    The reason I begin a lot of comments regarding Christian subjects that way is that some participants skim posts and, if they see you are writing about Jesus immediately think you're a Christian apologist. This has happened so many times to me, I now have to begin each subject that talks about something Christian this way.

    Oddly, it sometimes doesn't work and someone will start calling me an apologist and telling me how my belief in Jesus is nonsense and how I need to go back to the Kingdom Hall or Catholic Church, etc. So it appears I cannot say it enough for some.

    To find out if you might have some Jewish connection, you merely need to research your heritage. You cannot tell merely by name (not always), and the DNA tests offered to the public are not specific enough to help uncover such with accuracy.

    However you might have an exclusively Jewish name and not realize it too. My friend Aaron Hernandez (not the sports figure) didn't know he was of Jewish heritage even though the name Hernandez is a Sephardic Jewish name developed during the Spanish Inquisition. Because the Inquisition scattered people with the name to Mexico, Cuba, Italy, etc., some people never make the connection.

  • blondie

    Their eyes turn black...........(Supernatural)

  • kpop

    I still love to hear from family who believe about the story of the Blue Smurf who ran through the Kingdom Hall and out the door! I still must laugh!

  • DJS

    Was that Sarcasm, Mother Ducker?


  • tepidpoultry
  • David_Jay

    Catholics have a saying that counters the above:

    “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”--Saint Thomas Aquinas.

    My favorite saying, however, is the one given to the fictional character Edina Monsoon in the British comedy, Absolutely Fabulous. Upon dying, Edina, who is a PR (Public Relations) agent goes to Heaven and meets with God, to ask her: "Who does your PR?"

    To which God replies: "No one. Real things don't need PR."

  • tepidpoultry

    Did you ever notice that atheists never require an exorcist?

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