Did The Elders Seem Eager To Disfellowship You?

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  • minimus

    I've been on commitees where the Circuit Overseer and District Overseer both told the commitee what they believed should be the outcome of a decision. I also know of a few situations where the CO & DO were very upset when decisions were not made according to their wishes. I know of one "therapist" who is still disfellowshipped after countless meetings for reinstatement because the Society has instructed the elders that they do not expect him to be reinstated for quite some time.

  • czarofmischief

    My committee was actually rather long-suffering. I met with them three times in a month on three separate issues of loose conduct. I was a randy little boy! I was 22 and when I'd fool around I'd instantly get sad and repent, and then get seduced again by those wicked wicked women, ahhh... great days, great days (snap back to reality) oh wait, what were we talking about?

    oh yeah, the committee, I get the feeling that they contacted headquarters about me because of my bipolar disorder that they needed guidance on, and they got an answer to kick me out...

    whereupon I had a fourth encounter, this time with TWO wicked, wicked women at the same time... ahh... those were the days, (mumbles toothlessly in his rocking chair and falls asleep).

    CZAR of the La Vida Loca Class

  • minimus

    Your comments suggest that not every elder body is the same. Some elders can be real jerks. Some elders are actually pretty nice people. My thought is that most elders are not trying to beat people up. Most are decent guys. BUT, the jerks are the ones that give everyone a bad name. Personally, I hated judicial meetings. How the hell am I supposed to know what's in a person's heart or mind. Why should I be a judge when I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do, sometimes? It's relieving to know that I don't have to make assumptions on what only God could know.

  • wednesday

    yes, mimus i agree. There are some decent elders out there. I have been thrown to the wolves and at other times been given more consideration than i probably deserved. It seems the kind elders just don't make it.they resign or get 'hard" .

    We once had a couple refuse to let us attend theri home book study. They wer educated blacks, and we were verey young and the very essence of poor white trash. They told an elder they did not want us in their home. he was so hurt to have to tell us.he said they were wrong. I have seen some other acts of kindness too, but those people just get ate up by the system, or "blend " into it. We were friends with a elder and his pioneer wife years ago, and she told me he was so depressed, he was thinking of resigning due to being blamed for everything.

    i guess mangement has their problems too.

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